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winnipeg’s bestlist The definitive Ciao! restaurant list outlines our selection of the top dining establishments in the city. Virtually all of these recommendations are locally owned and operated. Keep this list available for easy reference, whether you are seeking a formal multi-course gourmet extravaganza or simply want the best soup in town. Although information is updated every issue, restaurant details are subject to change without notice. If you have visited a restaurant that should be considered for addition to this list, please e-mail your recommendation to: editorial@ bestmarketing.com. The symbols are as follows: WA — Wheelchair accessible LP — Licensed premises SP — Summer patio A — American Express IA — Interac M — MasterCard V — Visa ATM — Bank machine on‐site — New restaurant BARBEQUE Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse 1747 Ellice Ave, 204‐779‐7041. Gate to plate pork and smoked turkey at this city slicker stylized smokehouse. Picnic table-friendly sides such as jambalaya round out the experience. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Lovey’s BBQ and Smokehouse 1‐208 Marion St, 204‐233‐RIBS (7427) 405 Turenne St, 204‐257‐7427 (2nd location is lunch only). This casual eatery boasts a barbeque pit and scratch-made sauces. Sample a variety of meats in combo platters. WA, LP, IA, M, V Muddy Waters Smokehouse The Forks Pavilion, 204‐947‐6653. Expect ol’ fashioned Southern hospitality at this Memphis-style barbeque featuring slow-cooked ribs and pork, smoked over hickory fire. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V BISTRO Baked Expectations 161 Osborne St, 204‐452‐5176. The huge chalkboard lists comfort food like burgers and pasta, but save room for the sweet stuff. This place is duly noted for its decadent desserts, from tortes to cheesecakes. WA, LP, SP, IA Bonfire Bistro 1433 Corydon Ave, 204‐487‐4440. Cozy hangout famous for wood-fired artisan pizzas. Try the spicy Bonfire Hawaiian with capicollo ham and roasted pineapple. WA, LP, IA, M, V Café 22 823 Corydon Ave, 336 Broadway Ave, 130 Provencher Blvd, 1795 Henderson Hwy, 204‐222‐2222. This trendy chain serves gourmet coffee, sandwiches, calzones and Chicago-style deep dish pies. Custom pizza-by-the-slice is the specialty. SP, IA, M, V deer + almond 85 Princess St, 204‐504‐8562. This hip, rustic Exchange District restaurant boasts an inspired globally influenced menu of creative, shareable plates. WA, LP, IA, V, M. Dessert Sinsations Cafe 505 St. Mary Ave, 204‐284‐4661. This sunny café features gourmet comfort food alongside owner Barbara O’Hara’s renowned desserts. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Era Bistro 85 Israel Asper Way, 204‐289‐2000. Located in the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, this open concept room serves locally inspired fare. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Food Evolution 2015 Main St, 204‐284‐7275. New eatery nestled in the greenery of Kildonan Park offers creative dishes packed with regional ingredients in a room sprinkled with touches of retro decor. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Le Garage Café 166 Provencher Blvd, 204‐237‐0737. This casual eatery in the heart of the French Quarter offers sophisticated tastes for lunch, dinner and late night. Live music scheduled. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery Grant Park Shopping Centre, 204‐975‐2659. Cozy retreat inside McNally Robinson Booksellers. Healthy fare for all tastes. Extensive fresh juice selection and wonderful desserts. Also an on-site pâtisserie counter. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Steve’s Bistro 3123 Portage Ave, 204‐831‐5531. Tuck into hearty portions of Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, like tangy house-made olive tapenade and fall-off-the-bone rack of lamb with lemon and oregano. WA, LP, AE, IA, MC, V BURGERS Boon Burger Café 79 Sherbrook St, 204-415‐1391; 141 Bannatyne Ave, 204-504-5394. This all-vegetarian burger cafe serves up a range of house-made patties. Treat yourself to housemade organic iced tea and crispy seasme fries. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Daly Burger 619 Corydon Ave, 204‐284‐4944. A classic menu of burgers, chili fries, cheese dogs, and super thick shakes, coupled with retro memorabilia, give this diner a 50’s feel. WA, IA, M, V Market Burger 645 Corydon Ave, 204‐505‐2510 Hip hangout serves up mouthfuls of Manitoba with locally sourced ingredients from cheese and meat to buns and beers. IA, V, M Nuburger 472 Stradbrook Ave, 204‐888‐1001. Healthy, fresh twists on the classic burger housed in a bright and modern space. Pick from locally sourced bison, beef, chicken, or veggie patties. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V CAFE BerMax Caffé + Bistro 4-1800 Corydon Ave, 204‐691‐0044. One of the few spots in Canada to serve famous illy coffee. Specialty drinks as well as kosher baked goods, and bistro style menu in a sleek, welldesigned space. WA, IA, M, V Buffalo Stone Cafe 1961 McCreary Rd, 204-989‐8370. Relax at FortWhyte Alive with hearty sandwiches, soups and a signature bison burger. WA, SP, IA, M, V Come ‘n Eat 865 Main St, 204‐949‐1338. Serves hearty, homestyle breakfasts and lunches inspired by its North End neighbourhood, like dense blueberry bannock French toast. WA, IA, M, V. The Fyxx 310 Broadway, 204‐989‐2470. A creative selection of sandwiches and soup and a bright, airy atmosphere make this downtown espresso bar a great spot for lunch or chatting over coffee. WA, IA, M, V King + Bannatyne 4-100 King St, 204‐691‐9757. This sandwich spot’s specialties include spiced porchetta and juicy, tender brisket. Changing weekly specials. WA, A, IA, M, V Kay’s Deli 339 William Ave, 204‐949‐0424. Lofty space serves gourmet breakfast and lunch. Try the phenomenal housemade soup or a smoothie made from mountains of fresh fruit. WA, IA, M, V Stella’s Cafe & Bakery 1895 Grant Ave, 204-488‐7810; 166 Osborne St, 204‐453‐8562; 116 Sherbrook St, 204‐477‐5556; James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, 2nd Floor, 204‐779‐1415; Plug In Gallery, 460 Portage Ave, 204‐772‐1556. Famous breakfast items like baked eggs and the Mexican breakfast. WA, LP, SP, IA, M, V 36 ciao! / feb/mar / two thousand fifteen