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now open I café craze Fools & Horses Coffee Company offers a new brewing experience with the city's first and only Modbar. The modular coffee maker dispenses shots "on tap" with a pull lever providing greater temperature control for ultra-smooth espresso. After 11 a.m., craft beer and wine is also available on tap. Chat with friendly baristas in the window lined space and sample an ultra-trendy menu including toast with local preserves, gluten-free muffins, and charcuterie. 379 Broadway Avenue, foolsandhorses.ca. ciao!news new openings and food and retail news Located in the Sport For Life Centre in the East Exchange, joe and lily (pictured below) sates java junkies with locally procured fare. Beans hail from Other Brother Roasters in Winkler, while Tall Grass Prairie Bakery keeps this hip shop stocked with baked goods. 145 Pacific Avenue, joeandlily.ca. —KC I feel good eats With fast casual dining and a preference for good for you food on the rise, freshii (pictured left) is poised to hit all its trendy, tasty marks. The Torontobased chain is luring Corydon Avenue shoppers with picture perfect salads, bowls, wraps, juices, and smoothies in an ultra-hip space. Collard green leaves make vibrant wraps for colourful collections of greens and proteins, making us eager to eat our veggies. 740 Corydon, freshii.com.—JK I ripe & ready Former RRC Culinary Instructor chef Tom Pitt has taken the reigns from Terry and Sue Garreta's Mise Bistro to rebrand as Ripe Bistro & Lounge. The restaurant's localvore spirit carries on with a focus on regional and Manitoba heritage ingredients like pickerel, bannock, and kielbassa, as well as herbs pulled from the garden. Stop by on the weekend for an indulgent brunch. 842 Corydon Ave, 204-284-7916.—JK 4 ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand fifteen