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To help Ciao! readers seek out the best gourmet foods in Winnipeg, we compiled a list of shops that offer a selection of fresh, prepared, and packaged foods. While we try to provide a comprehensive and accurate list, store information may change without notice. Enjoy! BREAD/PASTRY Cake Studio 1483 Wellington Ave, 204‐775‐9378. Appointment‐only studio specializes in custom‐designed cakes and sugar work. Chocolate Zen Bakery 553 Osborne St, 204‐287‐CAKE. Decadent tortes, pastries and squares for special occasions City Bread 238 Dufferin Ave, 204‐586‐8409. Healthy hearth bread, including dill rye Cocoabeans Bakeshop 268 Tache Ave, 204‐918‐5313. Gourmet glutenfree bakery offers wide selection of breads and pastries. The Crusty Bun 1026 St. Mary’s Rd, 204‐257‐7311. European‐style artisan breads and baked products made on site Goodies Bake Shop 1124 Ellice Ave, 204‐949‐2480. Specialty breads, cakes, pastries and confections CLASSIC & UNEXPECTED DELI FARE specialtyfoods Gunn’s Bakery 247 Selkirk Ave, 204‐582‐2364. Bagels, specialty breads and kosher baking High Tea Bakery 2103 Portage Ave, 204‐775‐0264. Custom‐designed cakes, dainties and cookies for all occasions Jonnies Sticky Buns 941 Portage Ave, 204‐415‐7287. Rolled sticky buns with sweet and savoury fillings. Glutenfree and vegan buns available A l’Epi de Ble 1757 Main St, 204‐334‐2526. Pastries of Provence and hearty loaves of bread. Lilac Bakery 920 Grosvenor Ave, 204‐992‐8000. Upscale bakery offering classic treats like grandma used to make Maxim Bakery & Pastry 285 Alexander Ave, 204‐774‐8452. Specializes in formal Chinese pastries for all occasions Natural Bakery 808 Logan Ave, 204‐783‐7344. Specializing in rye breads Stella’s Bakery 110 Sherbrook St, 204‐783‐1453. Crusty breads, cinnamon buns, squares, croissants, and cookies. Also serves specialty coffees Sleepy Owl Bread 751 Wall St, 204‐805‐2530. Breads and pastries made with local ingredients Sweet Impressions 669 Stafford St, 204‐237‐0743. Nut‐free bakery specializing in hand‐iced cookies and cupcakes. Gifts for bakers sold on‐site Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company 859 Westminster Ave, 204‐783‐5097; The Forks Market, main floor. Organic sour dough, rye and cracked wheat. Also dairy‐ and egg‐free baking BULK FOOD Scoop ’n Weigh 1770 Taylor Ave, 204‐489‐1031. Spices, specialty flours, snacks, candies and health foods CHOCOLATIER Chocolatier Constance Popp 180 Provencher Blvd, 204‐897‐0689. Award‐winning artisanal chocolates. Creative use of regional ingredients Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut 431 Academy Rd, 204‐488‐4376; 7‐1504 St. Mary’s Rd, 204‐256‐8357. Canadian‐made fine Belgian chocolates Mordens’ of Winnipeg 674 Sargent Ave, 204‐783‐4551. Local institution sells chocolates made on site, including Russian mints ETHNIC SPECIALTY Calabria Market 139 Scurfield Blvd, 204‐487‐1700. Italian packaged foods, deli products and wine Desserts Plus 1795 Corydon Ave, 204‐339‐1957. Wide selection of dry goods from Israel, and kosher products. Desserts and catering done to order Chicken Fingers and ‘Waffles’ Pancakes with Chipotle Maple Syrup and Blueberry Compote Deli: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm Restaurant: Mon-Fri 8am-7:30pm Sat 8am-3:30pm, Sun 9am-2:30pm Winnipeg’s Favourite Deli for more than 30 years! Corydon Village Mall 1700 Corydon Ave. 204-488-4552 bernsteinsdeli.com �������� ������������������� ������������������ ����������������������� ������������� ������������������������ �������������� ���������������� ������������� ���������������� ���������������������� ������������� ������������������ ������������������� ������������������ ������������������������������ ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand fifteen 49