Oct/Nov 2015 Aug/Sept 2015 - Page 30

#howciao!summers Celebrate local flavour with homegrown essentials for summer Rootbeer BBQ Sauce with rootbeer blends sweet with spice to float your boat. $5.95, Miller’s Meats Energy Bar Protein packed, nutritious seeds fuel great adventures. $3.49, Crampton’s Market Canvas Tote Leather accents keep your look slick even when roughing it. $280, Wilder Goods Summer Tunes Bluesy harmonies for a sunny swoonfest. $10, thebroslandreth.com Maple Mustard A new flavour for your favourite grilled frank. $9, St. Norbert Farmer’s Market. Lake of the Woods Bangle Cool Love our Water, Love our Woods bangle also keeps LOW beautiful with proceeds going to Kenora charities. $35, lakeofthewoods.myshopify.com Designer Popsicles So fashionable, childish tastes can be enjoyed out in the open. $4, popcartwpg.com Beet Ketchup Less sugar and more kick than Heinz tomato. $9.99, nutrich.ca Tortilla Chips Light, delicate crisps worth the trip to Steinbach! $3.99, Jardins St Leon Gardens Lip Balm Paraben and calorie free cheesecake and bacon $4.50, The Hartmont Candle Company Insect Repellent All natural, relies on essential oils. $20, tiberriver.ca 28 ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand fifteen