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ciao! cooks Potato Risotto The ideal pairing of creamy starch and briny sea asparagus INGREDIENTS: 3 Yukon Gold potatoes ½ yellow onion 5 cloves garlic, minced ¼ white wine 1 L chicken or vegetable stock 3 Tbsp butter ¼ cup grated Parmesan 1 cup green peas salt and pepper, to taste 5 pieces sea asparagus 1 shallot, fried in rings cherry tomatoes, quartered 1 tsp baking soda METHOD: 1. Dice potatoes and onions into small cubes. Lightly sweat onions and minced garlic for 4 min. Add potatoes, white wine and about one cup of stock. 2. Over medium heat cook while stirring gently. Once the stock is mostly absorbed, make another addition of stock. Continue in this way until potatoes are soft. 3. Add butter, Parmesan, peas and season with salt and pepper. 4. Place risotto into a bowl and garnish with sea asparagus, fried shallots and cherry tomatoes. Yield 6 servings ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand fifteen 19