Obscurae Magazine Volume 1 April 2014 - Page 12

“Muses at Castle Lake” Credits: Styling and Excecution by: Andrea Borden Photography, (ww. andreaborden.com) Model Lisa Collins featured in: Commune, Earth Mother, Eden, and Venus in the Trees (titles found on the thusly named image via dropbox) Model Shayla Reyes featured in: Lady of Shalot, Lake of the Lake Revival, Lady of the Lake Sendoff, and Lady Waits. My series is called “Muses at Castle Lake”. Two themes in art I’ve always been interested in are Venus Births and Lady of Shalot, which I interchange with Lady of the Lake. One is a story of rebirth and newness, another of sorrow and death. I’ve always held a deep connection to nature. As a photographer I feel like I have to honor the amazing things I see on my journeys. Sometimes I feel like the need to honor the scenes I see is so great, it’s a burden to see so gorgeous a sight because I know I can never do it justice. That could sound like an odd mix of pretentiousness and weariness, but I have a feeling someone out there knows how I feel-- I had to honor its beauty somehow. My Muse and Venus series to me is the way I honor the feminine, understated power that the surroundings have on my work.