Obiter Dicta Issue 6 - November 17, 2014 - Page 17

ARTS & CULTURE Monday, November 17, 2014   17 Jurisfoodence » continued from page 11 Cost getting attitude from our server when we asked what happened to them, and the exchange with the tourist lawyer while we drank them. Bonus (?): since our server nearly forgot our mimosas, we got our $1 coffee for free! In preparing this review, we noticed that all of the prices listed online are slightly lower than they actually are in the restaurant (by $0.50-1.00), so beware. K arolina: No one gets excited about mimosas, right? I mean, boozy brunch is awesome, but there’s a ceiling of deliciousness for a combo of orange juice and cheap sparkling wine. My initial enthusiasm fizzled (pun intended) during the unreasonable wait, and was not resuscitated by the lack-lustre cocktail. Skip the drinks here. K ate: Sadly, I do get really excited about mimosas… The Food We decided to each get our own meals and to split a waffle to see what all the fuss was about. K ate: I got The Hungry Gal, which consisted of two eggs, toast, potato rosti, apple coleslaw, and a choice of protein; I asked for my eggs over-easy, and got bacon. I liked the potato rosti, which turned out to be a small serving of grated fried potatoes. The bacon and apple coleslaw were also good, though I have no idea what the sauce on the apples was. However, my eggs came to me over-hard, and the bread used for the toast wasn’t very good (I could have paid extra for challah, but wasn’t willing to bear the cost). K a rolin a: As a recent pescetarian (en route to proper vegetarianism), I’ve been surprised to find that brunch has been the only time I have felt limited while dining out. Nearly all breakfast meats are pork, which generally leaves eggs and super-sweet options like French toast or waffles on the table (again, pun intended). As a result, I was pleased to see that the Toast Champignon could be customized to substitute bacon for caramelized onions and sautéed bell peppers. My meal, then, consisted of a toasted bagel topped with a mountain of mushrooms and the aforementioned vegetables with a poached egg on the side. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the vegetables were expertly seasoned and full of flavour. I was also an enthusiast of their potato rosti, though I part ways with Kate in my feelings regarding the apple coleslaw. I just can’t get behind a combo of pickles and apples. of service and atmosphere, you’ll probably enjoy LPD. Otherwise, you might leave disappointed. u K ate’s meal: Mimosa ($7), The Hungry Gal ($11), and half of a waffle ($3.50) added up to $23.53 plus tip. K arolina’s meal: Mimosa ($7), Toast Champignon ($13), and half of a waffle ($3.50) added up to $25.79 plus tip. Final thoughts K ate: I wouldn’t go back – there are cheaper places with better food and without the ‘tude. K arolina: Even considering the fact that you never ordered drinks at the other restaurants you reviewed, this place was pricier than most of them. And does anyone else find it odd that the vegetarian option was more expensive than the omnivorous meal? With poor service and acceptable (though not incredible) food, the most complimentary thing I can say about LPD is that it’s a good option for vegetarian brunchers, as long as the food arrives promptly. If an enlarged meal selection is important enough to displace the criteria fin a l SCORE service: 1/5 atmosphere: 2.5/5 food: 3/5 overall: t humbs down Nicki Minaj’s Third Reich-inspired music video. K ate: In my defence, I swear my apple coleslaw didn’t have pickles in it. Also, the food was room temperature when it came to our table. The waffle was a good size as a side, but I would have been disappointed if that was my whole meal; it quite small for $7, and cold (though that was partially our fault…we ate it last). K arolina: The fact that the food was nearly cold by the time it came to our table was a definite shortcoming, and probably a product of the restaurant being severely under-staffed until RBF came along towards the end of our meal. Sadly, her presence didn’t do much to improve things. The waffles were good, but nothing to write home about. Starving Artist’s counterparts are much better. ê Be wary of the pickles that might be lurking in your apple coleslaw!