Obiter Dicta Issue 2 - September 16, 2013

Vol 86 Issue 2 The Definitive Source for Osgoode News September 16, 2013 SECTION A LEADERS AND INCOMING STUDENTS (FROM LEFT) MICHAEL ASHLEY (2L), VIRGINIE BLANCHET TE-SÉGUIN (EXCHANGE), ZACK GARCIA (2L), FAYE ALIPOUR (2L), ANNA IOURINA (2L), JULIE-ANN BLAIN (EXCHANGE), ALVIN QIAN (1L), AND RÉMI GAGNON (EXCHANGE) TAKE A MOMENT TO VISIT WITH DEAN SOSSIN ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH AS PART OF ORIENTATION WEEK. TRAVIS WEAGANT Editor-in-Chief Orientation week a resounding success adding: “don’t mind me tooting my own Horn of Jaramun here.” Indeed, this year’s event turned out 293 registrants, 43 more than 2012. Del Gobbo is unsure whether the early start was responsible: “I’m not sure if [the improved turnout is] because of the new dates; I think it’s likely because we were better at disseminating information.” Adam was joined by a large and competent O-Committee, comprised of Vice-Chairs Lisa Durnford and Steven Broadley. Crossing over from L&L were President Dylan McGuinty, Social Convener Alex Payne, VP Internal Douglas Judson and Treasurer Waleed Malik. The indispensable Events Team: Sarah Munkittrick, David Nisker, Florence Sze, Eman Khoshbin, Jamie Walker and Nicole Veitch. Sylvia Guirguis, Mitchell Rattner and Petter Hurich were the logistics wizards, and Hurich deserves a case of Blue Star for repeatedly straightening out the bus transportation provider. Lucy Liu oversaw finances; Jon Silver and Laura Wilson took care of the Spirit and Leadership portfolio, and Harjot Atwal and Trevor Moum looked after securing sponsorship from the week’s many benefactors. Last but not least, the Obiter’s own Marie Park sketched this year’s section crests, which were so prodigiously creative that we might have to start paying her. This year’s agenda comprised some classics from past years, including trivia night, the pub crawl, and graffiti bowling. A new addition was a karaoke night, held at the Fox and Fiddle Yorkville, where the four 1L sections vied for the all-Osgoode singing crown, which Section C ultimately captured. Del Gobbo remarked that the event “went off without a hitch,” and wishes to give “special recognition to the girl in 1L who ripped her pants while twerking on stage.” The Obiter Dicta would be remiss if it did not » continued on page 8 1Ls and other incoming students arrived on August 29th this year, earlier than last. The early arrival was to facilitate an Orientation Week unencumbered by classes, since such things inevitably awaken a penetrating keenness in law students, a keenness that has, in past years, depressed attendance at certain O-Week events. While the incoming students’ enthusiasm for learning was not to be defeated, the new format made for a whirlwind week that left many, if not all, energized for a stellar year at Osgoode. Adam Del Gobbo, Orientation Committee Chair and generally known to be the man behind O-Week 2013, has 6 years of experience as a participant or leader in orientation activities, but this was his first year as an organizer. Asked to comment on how things look from the O-Committee’s point of view, he said: “This was a very different experience but in the end I think a more rewarding one when everything came together during the week.” Del Gobbo is confident that this year’s Game of Thrones-themed week went smoothly. He states: “judging by the number of registrants, numbers participating in the programming, and the feedback I’ve gotten and continue to get, I think the week went extremely well,” In this issue... Orientation week retrospective cover and page 6 Rethinking frosh page 3 NFL football predictions page 8 Is Toronto European enough? page 10