Obiter Dicta Issue 13 - March 24, 2014

Vol 87 Issue 13 March 24, 2014 The Definitive Source for Osgoode News r e b e c c a y in g a n d m i c h a e l a sh l e y g i v in g y o u j ust a ta ste o f a l l the f ie r c eness at this y e a r ’ s d r a g sh o w. Gender-bending bash anything but a drag TRAVIS WEAGANT Editor-in-Chief On Thursday, March 13, the third-annual Wendy Babcock Drag Show exploded onto the stage in the JCR, covering all present in glitter, mascara, and Bambino. This year’s incarnation was hilarious, inspiring, and – most importantly – entertaining. The night kicked off with a video produced by Quinn Harris of Mock Trial fame. The film documented some goings-on in the first-floor men’s room, including the application of makeup, some undefined but undoubtedly scandalous activity involving three performers packed into a stall, and no small amount of footage of Titus Totan spinning tassels attached to his nipples. What a wonderful thing. Kudos also to Dan Akinbosede. “My Humps” is over four minutes long, and you danced the whole thing with such conviction that we were all transfixed. You’re a national treasure. The faculty contingent at the Drag Show has grown steadily larger each year. 2014’s offerings were stellar. Lady Bhabha returned to join the Mock Trial Band for a performance of “Karma Chameleon”, a distinctly more retro choice than last year’s performance, and one that doubtless introduced an entire generation of law students to Culture Club. Professors Girard and Murphy also took to the stage for the year’s second homegrown Osgoode performance of “Wilkommen” from Cabaret. This number then gave way to Lisa Durnford and Rebecca Ying (who was, in her own words, “dressed as a man dressed as a woman”), the evenings hosts, who took to the stage and promptly engaged in some saucy ribbing of Dean Sossin and Assistant Dean Mya Bulwa, both of whom appeared to be enjoying themselves. The continual support of Osgoode’s faculty for this worthwhile event couldn’t be more clear (in 2013, Dean Sossin donned a feather boa and recorded a message for the audience when he could not attend the show in person). Little did I know, however, that another faculty member was hiding in plain sight, waiting for his time to shine. In the second act, Mock Trial Band alumnus Tom Wilson (nice legs, as usual) accompanied the stunning Professor Bruce Ryder. On the one night of the year when Ozzies show off their absolute best in the field of makeup art, Bruce Ryder was positively transformed. There are no words. Tom accompanied the Professor in a mesmerizing cover of “Satisfaction”, though he never did sing the chorus. What a tease. » continued on page 15 IN THIS IS SUE ... Drag Show C OV E R , PAG E 15 Dean for a Day PAG E 4 York Euphemism PAG E 6 Jurisfoodence PAG E 12