Obiter Dicta Issue 10 - February 2, 2015 - Page 15

ARTS & CULTURE Monday, February 2, 2014   15 made from corn (celiacs rejoice!) and added such great flavour and texture; they really tied the whole thing together. In sum, though I’m sure the Smith HR pales in comparison to the genuine Mexican article, I’d venture to say these are some of the best ones you’ll find in the city. Cost K ate’s meal: Omelette + side of toast + mimosa (- coffee) + tip = $33.01 K arolina’s meal: Huevos rancheros + Caesar + tea + tip = $35.75 Final thoughts K ate: I liked it and I would probably go again, though it is a bit out of the way for me. Like Karolina, I would say that it is among the top brunch spots I’ve been to in Toronto; nothing has come close to Big Crow yet though. K arolina: For me, Smith ranks high on the Toronto brunch scale. Big Crow has become our de facto gold standard, and while Smith might not have blown me out of the water in quite the same way, I was more satisfied with it than I have been with recent Jurisfoodence jaunts. It nailed atmosphere and service in a way that School tried to and Drake simply couldn’t because of its overexposure. And the food was better than either of those. It feels both impossibly hip and comfortably familiar all at the same time. It’s a beautiful place with gorgeous food, so go.   u fin a l SCORE service: 3.5/5 atmosphere: 4/5 food: 4/5 overall: ê The collateral damage from a triumphant gastronomical battle where everyone left a champion.