Many would tell you that this guy has Ice in his veins, others would say he is a Romo 2.0 . Matt has everything a QB in the OBAFL could want, weapons in the likes of Julio Jones, Freeman and many more.

The division is theirs for the taken, the only question is will they run away with it ? The time to be Elite is now or fade into the sunset.

Prediction 89.9 QBR

Ben has been a fun player to watch over the years in the OBAFL. He's has made some great plays, he's also made some bone head plays too. Ben no means no, lol with bad decisions I meant :)

Hopefully this Coach Mike can do better then the previous hot head Coach. Got Tay anyone . Roethlisberger is everything you could want in a QB. If there was 2 min drive to win the game this is Mr Clutch in my book.

Prediction 4200 Passing Yards

Wilson has been giving teams problems with is Dual Threat abilities for a couple years now. However his production has dropped off a little from last season. I see Wilson regressing a little bit more this season, look for the Cardinals and Rams fighting for first place in the division.

Prediction . 12 Rushing TD'S