NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 5

Contents volume 14 issue 2 | fall 2014 4 My Take quincy troupe 14 Fon. A short story, from Echo Tree: The Collected Short Fiction of Henry Dumas henry dumas 20 Poem derek walcott 40 The Musical Legacy of Amiri Baraka: The Modern Jazz Critic as Cultural Historian, Creative Artist, Social Theorist, and Philosophical Visionary kofi natambu 46 A-Legba Poetics: Reading Komunyakaa aracelis girmay 58 Poems yusef komunyakaa 22 St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 john pinderhughes 30 Poems allison hedge coke 32 Thelonious Monk: The Jazz Composer as Visionary kofi natambu BRN-FALL-2014.indb 3 62 Why The Thirty TwoYear Assault On Some Black Male Writers? ishmael reed 74 The Temptation of Space richard vine 80 Poems colleen mcelroy 92 Symposium on the Recent “Mammy” Sculpture of Kara Walker paul carter harrison carol diehl brenda marie osbey clyde taylor dennis kardon barbara lewis 104 Poems tyehimba jess 106 Sterling Brown and the Browning of My Life e. ethelbert miller 110 Poems aracelis girmay 112 Poems ekere tallie 116 “Be Vewy Vewy Quiet” hermine pinson 126 Poem sterling plumpp 128 “Madwoman in the Attic: The Femail Gothic in 19th Century Literature” lezley saar 134 Poem cynthia dewi oka 136 The “Electronic Stimulus for a Black Revolution”: Black Journal and the 1960s Public Television jane rhodes, phd 152 Gypsy & the Bully Door nina angela mercer 166 Jules Allen’s Photographic Series on Black Marching Bands gail reid 174 Caliphate Colonialism — The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria part 1 & 2 chinweizu 198 Contributors BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE 8 The Eruption: Excerpt from Tahrir Suite, Section 1 matthew shenoda 36 Miles Davis: A New Revolution is Sound kofi natambu 3 6 “Be My Brother Forever”: Maya Angelou & the Invention of a Friendship, 1970’s-Style eugene b. redmond 86 Poems meha semwal 9/24/14 1:31 AM