NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 199

————————————————— It may be recalled that Alhaji Lawal Kaita had said in October 2010 that “The North is determined, if that happens, to make the country ungovernable for President Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his way to the seat of power on the platform of the pdp against the principle of the party’s zoning policy”. Nigeria: allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Like Odi, This is a War On the… 18 June 2009 allafrica.com/stories/ 200906181092.html A Northerner Must Emerge in 2015 Or Nigeria Will DivideLawal Kaita March 31, 2012 http://search.yahoo.com/search? p=allafrica.com%2Fstories%2 L———————————————— Bloodbath in 2015? the Prospect L ———————————————— q27) March 2012 This time around [Lawal Kaita] is insisting that a Northerner must emerge by 2015 or there would be no Nigeria. Kaita said “We hear rumours all over that Jonathan is planning to contest in 2015. Well, the north is going to be prepared if the country remains one. http://africanheraldexpress.com/ blog7/2012/03/31/a-northernermustemerge-in-2015-or-nigeriawill-divide-lawal-kaita/ (Accessed Oct 2012) L———————————————— L F200906181092.html&fr=green tree_ff1&ei=utf-8&ilc=12&type =937811 (Accessed Oct 2012) or http://www.nairaland.com/ 275269/house-reps-20-millionniger (Accessed Oct 2012) ———————————————— q28) May 2012 Buhari warned that should what happened in 2011 elections repeat itself in 2015 [i.e. if he was not declared the winner] “the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood”. http://www.thenationonlineng. net/2011/index.php/politics/46967ripplesover-buhari%E2%80%99s2015-ambition.html; (Accessed Oct 2012) L———————————————— Now, Buhari and Lawal Keita would not be issuing these bloodthirsty threats today if the Caliphate still had its old instruments of state violence. They would have long before now seized power by unleashing coups, army massacres, pogroms and civil war on Nigerians like they did in 1966. ————————————————— And here we come to the end of this display of statements of the Caliphate ideology by its leaders, during the period 1942-2012: an anti-democracy ideology with a strong commitment to their conquest and Islamization of Nigeria, a feudal caste structure of society, genocide to enforce exploitation, implacable opposition to free and fair elections, a penchant for extra judicial killings of political opponents, and pogroms and other brands of political violence. ————————————————— Part 3,4 and 5 will be published in the next issue. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE We must press the point that statements such as Bala Ibn N’Allah’s incitement to genocide were always precursors to appalling incidents of genocide in Yugoslavia in Central Europe, Rwanda in Central Africa, Daily Independent (Lagos) The demand that “a Northerner must emerge” in 2015 is a demand that the 2015 election be rigged in advance for the Caliphate candidate, regardless of how Nigerians actually vote. That is a negation of democracy. It is a demand F