NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 187

Against this background, the current controversy about the genocide during the Civil War should be put in proper perspective. Responsibility for that genocide must rest, not with the field commanders, but with their Caliphate masters. Gowon provided a non-Caliphate and gentlemanly façade behind which field commanders could deniably commit genocide with impunity as directed by Caliphate policy. As with the French and their Foreign Legion, the Caliphate colonialists, like all colonialists, use troops and commanders from anywhere to do their bloody work. ————————————————— ————————————————— Preamble: The Caliphate ideology and agenda are byproducts of the British design of Nigeria. Let us, therefore, begin by examining the British design, as explained by Prof. Omoruyi. ————————————————— The British design (1884-1960) Excerpts from Omo Omoruyi, The Tale of June 12, London: Press Alliance Network Limited, 1999. All the “(Italics mine)” are by Omo Omoruyi. [This Omoruyi book is probably the best participant-observer report on June 12 that we are ever likely to get. Nigerians are fortunate that Prof. Omoruyi survived an Abacha assassination attempt in 1994, and still had the courage to write it. The book should be compulsory reading for every Nigerian.] ORIGIN OF NIGERIA There is no question that there were relatively independent units, call them states/empires, in the territory that currently makes up Nigeria before the advent of the white man and the colonial order. Anthropologists and the Ibadan History Series provide us with the history and form of political organisation of different groups in Nigeria. Following the Berlin Conference of 1884, [Frederick] Lugard, then a Captain, paid his first visit to Nigeria to organise on behalf of the Royal Niger Company, troops of subjugation to be used in extracting treaties from the Chiefs of the North. The various groups in Nigeria had no inkling that Britain was trying to amalgamate them. BRIEF REVIEW OF THE PROCESS Britain’s implementation of the Berlin Treaty was done through independent administrators, namely: 1. The Oil Rivers Protectorate, renamed Niger Coast Protectorate in 1895. The Niger Coast Protectorate was ruled by Consul with headquarters in Calabar and responsible to the Foreign Office, not the Colonial Office, because the relationship with these states was by virtue of treaties of protection and by cession. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE The Caliphate’s dedication to mass murder as an instrument of power politics was articulated publicly in 2009 when one of its legislators, Bala N’Allah, told the House of Representatives: “We can do away with 20 million militants for the rest 120 million Nigerians to live” [for the full statement see q4 above.] Nobody should therefore be surprised that they unleashed Boko Haram on Nigerians after obj deprived them of control of the Nigerian Army, their previous favorite instrument of political violence. The quotes below are taken from the works of two Nigerian scholars, Prof Omo Omoruyi and Dr Tony Nwaezeigwe. The excerpts detail the Caliphate ideology and show how Nigeria has been dominated by the Caliphate Colonialist agenda since the 1950s. For the post-1990s period, the excerpts from these two works are supplemented by media reports. ———————————————— q6) 185 Then in a bid to regain power after losing it in Jan 1966, they unleashed pogroms in order to expel from their territory those they had earlier, in 1948, labeled “invaders”. P art Two: Caliphate agenda and ideology in their own words, 1942-2012 L In 1953 they instigated a pogrom in Kano in reprisal for the booing of their political leaders by Lagos crowds who protested their rejection of Enahoro’s “Self-Government-in-1956” motion.