NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 179

Nigeria’s history will remain unintelligible, and much about it will seem senseless, until we glimpse the hidden dynamics that has dominated and shaped it since 1950, namely the Caliphate’s colonialist agenda and the confused and uncoordinated resistance to it. The political violence [pogroms, coups, civil war, assassinations, judicial murders, terrorism, etc.] that has marked Nigeria from the 1950s has been in furtherance of, or in resistance to, Caliphate Colonialism. These have ranged from 1. the (Caliphate-organized) 1953 Kano pogrom,1 which was the Caliphate’s reprisal for the booing of its political leaders by Lagos crowds over the Anthony Enahoro “Self-Government-in-1956” motion; through 2. the 1960 and 1964 (anti-Caliphate) Tiv uprisings 2; 3. the (Caliphate- inspired) 1962 Western Nigeria Crisis 3; 4. the (Caliphate-rigged) 1964-65 elections 4 which provoked the upga (anti-Caliphate) Operation wetie of late 1965 that triggered the upga (anti-Caliphate) Jan 15, 1966 coup 5; down to the Boko Haram terrorism of today. Some other violent episodes that become understandable through the lens of Caliphate Colonialism are 5. the (Caliphate-organized) May, July and September 1966 pogroms; 6. the (Caliphate’s) July 1966 Counter-coup 6 ; 7. the 1967-1970 civil war 7 which accomplished the Caliphate’s military conquest of all of Nigeria; http://www.minorityrights.org/5765/ nigeria/tiv.html (Accessed Jan, 2013) 3 http://www.dawodu.com/balewa2.htm (Accessed Jan, 2013) 4 http://www.mongabay.com/history/ nigeria/nigeria-the_1964-65_elections. html (Accessed Jan, 2013) 5 http://segundawodu.com/nzeogwu.htm (Accessed Jan, 2013) 6 http://www.nairaland.com/482611/ northern-counter-coup-1966-full-story (Accessed Jan, 2013) 7 http://www.photius.com/countries/ nigeria/government/nigeria_government_ the_1966_coups_civi~10021.html (Accessed Jan, 2013) 8 http://nigeriavillagesquare.com/articles/ max-siollun/the-roller-coaster-life-ofmurtala-mohammed.html (Accessed Jan, 2013) 9 9. the (Caliphate’s anti-Gowon) 1975 Murtala Mohammed Coup.8 By the way, Murtala’s legendary anti-corruption “Purge,” for which he was seen as a National hero, was probably a cover for accomplishing the Caliphate’s policy of Northernization of the Federal Public Service: some say that he quietly replaced the purged officials — who were mostly Southerners — with Northerners mostly. Those with access to the records should help to verify that; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kano_riot_ of_1953 (Accessed Jan, 2013) 2 8. 1 http://www.dawodu.com/dimka.htm (Accessed Jan, 2013)