NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 178

The Secular-Democracy version was best articulated in 1978-79 by Chief Obafemi Awolowo when, at various points on the campaign trail, he told Nigerians: L ———————————————— q2) “In order that Nigeria may achieve rapid economic progress, and establish an egalitarian, just, democratic and peaceful society…we of the Unity Party of Nigeria are resolutely determined to pursue [the following]: Equal opportunity for every Nigerian; equality under the law; extermination of ethnic hegemony; dethronement of mediocrity wherever it exists; guaranteeing for every Nigerian no matter his place of birth or state of origin, equal access to the good things of life. [etc.]… Our dual aim is to achieve equality of status for Nigerians and the black people with all other racial groups, and respectable economic strength for Nigeria in the international community….We…can succeed… provided we allow ourselves to be guided by this great principle: “The glory of a Ruler is the welfare of every one of his people.” — Obafemi Awolowo, upn Candidate, 1979 Presidential Election (Path to Nigerian Greatness, Enugu: Fourth Dimension, 1981: 33, 32-33, 95, 97, 43) 176 L———————————————— 1 4 Kano 7 2 Zamfara Sokoto 5 8 Kebbi 11 Bauchi 3 6 Yobe 9 Niger 12 Gombe Katsina Jigawa Borno 10 Kaduna MAP #1: Nigeria’s great divide: the Sharia states (a.k.a. Shariyaland) and the rest of us. These two ideological versions of Nigeria have been locked in struggle, and until one ideology defeats the other, or until Nigeria divides into two separate entities, one for those aspiring to each of these incompatible versions, Nigeria will remain unstable, backward; a theatre of recurring bloodbaths; a disgrace to itself and the Black World; and a breeding ground for international terrorism. Let us look into why. —————————————————————————————————— Part One: Part Four: Caliphate Colonialism and Boko Boko Haram — Nigeria’s Caliphate vs. Haram — A brief history Non-Caliphate civil war: the Caliphate Challenge to Nigeria’s Democracy Part Two: Caliphate agenda and ideology in their Part Five: own words, 1942-2012 What is to be done? The Caliphate must go! Expel the Caliphate from Part Three: Nigeria before December 31, 2014, and Boko Haram as Caliphate Terrorist forestall the bloodbath promised for agency — the evidence 2015 by Buhari. Appendix: The 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia (the Preamble)