NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 176

Caliphate Colonialism— By CHINWEIZU The taproot of the trouble with Nigeria Who are the sponsors of Boko Haram? — Core evidence: The core evidence consist of two statements by Maj. Mustapha Jokolo, (rtd), the first in 2005, when he was the Emir of Gwandu; and the second in 2012, after he had been deposed from that high Caliphate office. Here is his 2005 statement: 174 —(See “Emir’s Jihad Threat”, Insider Weekly, May 2, 2005, p.17.) Jokolo added that L In response to what they perceived as the Obasanjo “menace”, the Caliphate emirs met on March 28, 2005 in Kaduna under the auspices of the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (nscia), of which the Sultan of Sokoto is the traditional Chairman. At that meeting Major Mustapha Jokolo (rtd), the then Emir of Gwandu, traditionally the second-in-command to the Sultan, complained bitterly that northern Muslims had been marginalized by President Obasanjo: complaining that today they have no banks, and construction companies; that their soldiers were compulsorily retired from the army shortly after Obasanjo came to power; and that their children are being denied recruitment in the army. “We must decide what to do now…Let our people withdraw from the confab… Muslims are not afraid and they will come out to say the truth.” ———————————————— q5) 2005 “We (Muslims) have been pushed to the wall and it is time to fight…. Obasanjo is trampling on our rights and Muslims must rise and defend their rights. The more we continue to wait, the more we will continue to be marginalized.” —(“Emir’s Jihad Threat” Insider Weekly, May 2, 2005, p.19) L———————————————— For this “fight” [Jihad?] they had to find another military instrument. Hence, presumably, their adoption of Boko Haram, and the subsequent enhancement of its terrorist capacity; and the reported sudden affluence of its leader who began to move about in suvs. Was it sheer coincidence that Boko Haram became well-funded and more powerful in mid-2005, a few months after the Emir of Gwandu called for a fight to end what the Caliphate perceived as its marginalization by the obj Government? Not bloody likely.