NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 167

Appendix: Music References sara: I’m still not sure about this, Nikki, and I got other plans. nikki: Your dreams? We all got those. But life ain’t always sweet. Look at it this way, if it aint got some trouble in it, it aint real no way. sara: So you saying if I do this for you, it’ll help me with my plans. nikki: It’ll definitely move you forward… sara: Is that a good thing? nikki: What’s bad is good. What’s good is bad. And in the end, all roads lead to this one…drop the mutha fuckin bomb, Sara. Drop the bomb. Or die trying. You aint gonna do shit but come back anyway! So, why be scared? Drop the bomb like how you fuck ferocious under trees and shit! A nigga dying, and you fucking! You know what to do, shawty. kaboom! nikki low crawls into the house, leaving sara in the apartment with a sleeping khadija. the mayor: (singing) One night I was working Conjuring spirits for true Throwing bones and watching Sara do what she do People think I’m too strange Some scared of me They just don’t realize I’m necessary I mind my bidness Do work most won’t Keep the evil eye out Your front door But when things got hectic They sent this girl to me Wanted her to find out What’s in this bag I keep sara has moved to the window, listening to the mayor’s song as if she is in a trance. sara tentatively looks inside the bag and is both stunned and empowered by what she sees. sara rises from the window and dances her recognition of this dangerous power and the mission nikki has placed in front of her. the mayor shakes his head, sadly. the mayor: (singing) Dance girl, dance g