NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 166

nikki: You got paper? ‘Cause you aint gonna remember, if I just tell you. sara begins to get up to get paper and pen. nikki grabs her arm, and pulls her back down. nikki: Stay down! I got your back. sara: Right. sara low crawls to a bag in the corner and pulls a paper and pen out. sara low crawls back to nikki who is poised with her gun, looking out for targets. sara gives nikki the paper and pen in exchange for the gun. nikki:: I feel a breeze coming through my left ear. Is there a hole there, too? sara: It’s always been a hole there, Nikki. nikki: Nah. I mean, a bigger hole, a hole where there wasn’t one. There’s a breeze there. Hold my ear. Hold my ear on my head. sara cups her hand over nikki’s ear. 164 nikki: That’s better. Now, you gotta start down at the swamp. At the river. After midnight. That’s where you get what you need. Power. Breathe it in down at the river. sara: Power. And mosquitos. nikki: It’s in the congos when I play. See. You gotta get that first for the bomb to work right. Hey, I think that hole by my ear’s better. You always did have good hands. So, you gonna take this route down New York Avenue past Bladensburg. sara: New York Avenue to the Parkway. nikki: Right. Cross the river so it’s at your back, and then turn around and sit right at the mouth, and breathe it in. Don’t take nobody with you. sara: Nobody. nikki: But you gotta come back a different way. So, you gonna come back over the bridge to Pennsylvania Avenue. Let your feet fall on federal land. sara: It’s all fed. nikki: But we built that shit, too. Need that. sara: I feel you. nikki: Don’t stay there too long, though. It’s too many eyes around there. Find a quick turn to 14th Street and come back up to the spot. (a beat) You gonna have to do most of this on foot. sara: To Union Street? nikki: Shhhhhh…. sara: To 11th and… nikki: I said shut the fuck up… sara: You’re nasty. nikki: Like your ass crack in the morning. Give me my gun. sara gives nikki her gun. sara: How exactly am I supposed to bomb this truth, Nikki? I’m not even sure what truth you’re talking about. nikki: Don’t worry about that right now. Just get to the swamp. I’ll send you a sign when it’s time.