NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 165

nikki: More than one way to bomb something. And you gonna do it. If you don’t, you’ll never get out of here. nikki finishes her last push up, and takes her gun back from sara. nikki: You need to learn how to use one of these, too. sara: Bombs. Guns. Talk about getting somebody killed! sara: Depends on who we is. nikki: One language: power. sara: And you telling me the guns got it? They killed you with one of these. nikki: But I ain’t dead. I’m right here talking to you. sara: And is that power? nikki: You decide. sara: I choose love. nikki: Don’t be blind. Love can’t exist without a tactical strategy, which may require violence. You already know. sara: I shouldn’t be listening to you. nikki: I’m your girl, though. sara: You might be a traitor now. nikki: But I have something you want. sara: Do you? nikki: I have a map. sara: Let me see it. nikki points the gun at sara. nikki: Hands up. sara raises her arms. nikki: What’s your classification? sara: What? nikki: Your classification! sara: Crazy. nikki: Since you was a lil shawty… sara and nikki laugh. sara: Show me the map… BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE sara: I am losing my mind. I really am…You got grenades, Nikki? You got a map for the underground railroad so I don’t wind up in the pen after I blow this place up? Listen, I know better than to trust no unquiet spirit, mad ‘cause you died all wrong. nikki: Or saving your own life. What language you think we speak? 163 nikki: You gonna bomb this mutha fucka so they can’t ignore what injustice we’ve been tolerating, and in so doing, you may just save that woman’s life You’ll definitely save her voice. These days people wanna slide on through. Even your kin folk don’t wanna make no noise on your behalf, because everybody on their own personal agenda. But, we die a little inside every time we move that way. Nah. Sara, you gonna bomb truth so can’t nobody sleep on it no more. Yeah.