NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 164

Scene 7 The next night in the apartment. the mayor: Too Much, Too Soon sound: the pocket roll call plays “trouble funk express” the door: Slam! nikki low crawls into the apartment as if she is on the battle field. nikki’s clothes are stained with blood. nikki has a gun in the waist of her pants. She calls out to sara. nikki: Pssssst, Sara. It’s me. sara: Too soon for you to be visiting me, nikki. Too soon. nikki: Get down here ‘fore somebody open fire on our asses. I can’t get these holes in my body to close. Can you help me? I aint leaving. You scared? sara: You should be bothering her. Not me. I can barely think straight as it is. I haven’t slept in I don’t know how long. nikki: That’s why I like you. Look, get down here. You gonna get us both killed. Help me close this hole. Just this one. 162 sara gets down on the ground with nikki. sara: You already dead. Hate to tell you but it’s true. And I must be closer to that than living, since I gotta hear and see you. Damn it. I told all the spirits that can hear, I don’t need to see y’all like this. It ain’t natural. nikki: I’m dead? Who told you that? I’m here. I got holes in my body. Help me close just this one. It’s making me cold. sara: No offense, Nikki. But I’m bout tired of spirits telling me what to do. nikki: I don’t wanna be no spirit. I’m just coming back from over-seas. Shit. I’m a black woman. Fools can’t leave me alone. And I ain’t going nowhere now. Nobody’s forgetting me, ‘cause I can’t forget. Help me close these holes in my body. Make me whole, Sara. sara: I should be gone to New York by now. nikki: Nah, I need you here. Make me whole so they can’t make me invisible no more. sara: I should be gone. I had planned on being gone. nikki begins cleaning her gun. nikki: Well, I had planned on playing the congos down at The Garage ‘til them damn pigs stuck it to me like they always do. And I fight for this mutha fuckin’ country. Aint no plans ‘cept what’s right in front of you, sis. Give me something to close this hole. sara bandages nikki with a white cloth. sara: I got a life besides this. I’m ready to go…just don’t want to leave Khadija like this. Bad timing, Nikki. I know you ain’t make it this way. But the timing is really bad for me. nikki: That’s better. You gonna go. Trust that. Just gonna have to break her out this funk she’s in, and bomb the truth. nikki hands sara her gun and begins doing push-ups. sara: Why? Bomb the truth? With what?