NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 163

Scene 6 Inside the apartment, it is still night. the mayor: The World In Red Blood khadija: They took her. roy: They shot Nikki? roy and sara run down into the apartment and find khadija there, devastated by her grieving and shock. screen: Image of nikki’s body on the ground. sara: Oh God! No. No, no, no. This is too much. sara: What happened, ‘Dija? khadija: Nikki. screen: Images flash of nikki and khadija content with each other. roy: Where’s Nikki? khadija: They took her. sara: Who took her? Where did they take her? khadija: Nikki. roy: Where’s Nikki? khadija: We was just walking. I was walking home with her. sara: Where is Nikki? khadija: They came up to us, told us to stop moving and put our hands up. She was just telling me how she didn’t trust the streets, didn’t trust nobody no more. Don’t trust nobody, ‘Dija. She told me. Said people only want you for as long as they can use you. roy: The cops did this? screen: Blood splattered on khadija hands. khadija: She looked at me one time. And next thing you know, I was holding her on the ground. All her blood ran to me. All her blood. They pulled me off her, cuffed me on the ground like an animal. They asked me questions. They took her away from me. They told me she was reaching for something, like she had a gun. But she didn’t. I know she didn’t, ‘cause I made her leave it here. I told her she was home. I told her she’s not fighting anybody’s war. khadija crumbles in sara’s arms. roy exits. sara: continues to help her friend through the grieving process. khadija: Nikki moved. I don’t know why she moved. Why did she move? sara: It was the cops? khadija: They had guns. We didn’t do nothing wrong. And they killed her. They just started shooting like it wasn’t nothing. Like we wasn’t nothing. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE khadija: No…. sara: Who took her? Where did they take her? 161 sara: What happened?