NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 161

Scene 4 Inside sara’s mind, a magic box. sara: I don’t want you to lie, Roy. I just want you to see who I am. I want you to see me without you being distracted by all this shit I try to clean off of you: the world; all the judgments and conditions passed down through the generations; the toxic shit we raised on; the expectations of some mysteriously better unknown. I want you to hold me in a way I can be certain won’t quit, when I fuck up. I want us to make it real this time. sara: This is everything, including my letter from Ms. Legendare. She’s telling me I should come to New York, Roy. I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody. But what’s it all worth if I can’t share something? I gotta be able to have somebody, even for a little while. the mayor draws a circle on the floor using white chalk. the mayor welcomes sara into the circle. sara steps inside the circle. roy: You going to New York? Why you ain’t tell me? You trying to say whatever’s in that jar is getting you there? the mayor: Rebel! sara digs her jar out from under the tree. sara: It’s my prayers. My dreams. I’m sharing that. I’m more than what you think, Roy. See? sara: I want to show you something. I don’t know why I’m doing this. roy: If you don’t know why, maybe you shouldn’t do it. sara: Nah. I got to. sara opens the jar. roy peers inside. lights fade. roy remains, peering inside the jar in tableau. screen: Sepia tone. sara is bound at the ankles, wrists, and mouth. Close ups of each bound body part. As the mayor calls out different identities, sara tries to embody each with movement. the mayor: Black girl! Whore! Healer? Woman. Saint. the mayor draws a box around the circle, where sara stands. sara begins digging and pulls her jar out. roy: What’s that? 159 BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE sara sits the jar between herself and roy.