NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 159

Scene 3 At the tree in the park around the corner at night. sara: Just dig the hole and put your clothes in there. roy: How deep? sara: Deep enough for nothing to come back and follow you home. roy: That was the first painting I sold! I called it “Balance, My Sweet.” You had one foot kinda hovering in the air, the other one dipped in water. And you was holding the world on your head! You was all the colors ever made. sara: Your vision of me wears me out… roy buries clothes. sara moves off a short distance away. roy: My vision is on point! Thanks to you. sara: Let’s sit. sara: Well, you walked with me through some of my own troubles. Think about it — Me, at 21 years old, running off to get married. We hadn’t even known each other long enough to have had one argument. And you were my boy… roy sits on the ground. sara sits between his legs. roy: Baby, I feel great! I feel like I felt back in the day. I feel like I can paint the whole damn universe on my canvas. I haven’t been up for painting anything for months. Too caught up in drama. But you do your thing on me, and I’m finding my zone again. Yeah, you got some skills. It’s ‘cause of you I started selling my paintings in the first place. roy: Yeah, I was your boy, and I watched you ride off into the sunset with this bamma… sara: And you didn’t judge me when I came back home by myself. You didn’t even laugh. There wasn’t even one “I told you so.” roy: I just wanted to get to know you better, and get out of that friend zone. sara: Sometimes we help to save folks’ lives without knowing we doing it. I mean, I wasn’t going to take my life behind it. Maybe sometimes it felt like I could, just to skip over the betrayal and the shame. roy: Wasn’t nothing to be ashamed about. You were just living like the rest of us. All I did was say “Let’s hang out sometimes while we both still here.” sara: It wasn’t that you ended the trouble or took it from me. roy: I was just somebody who knew you from way back, before all the drama. sara: And I needed that. You were home when I was mad at the whole world. You saw through that. roy: I’m remembering seeing a lot of body language. Our bodies held conversations that were profoundly deep. sara: Shut up. I’m being serious, man. And you have supported the work I do. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE the mayor: ‘Cause It’s Just Another Day Around The Way, Y’all. sara: You had me posted up butt naked in your cold ass living room in some awkward pose for too long! I got a cramp in my side, and my hands and feet fell asleep! 157 sara gives roy the spade and bag of clothes.