NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 157

Scene 2 Night. In the apartment. roy: (from a distance off stage) Hoodie Hoooooooooo! sara: Got damn it, Roy. I’m working fast as I can. the pocket roll call and the mayor glide into chuck brown’s “your lips are like bright ruby cherries” roy: Hoodie Hooooooo! the mayor: We got Roy in the house, y’all! roy walks into the apartment and gets inside large metal basin. roy stands with his back to the audience. sara puts the lid back on the jar, lowers it back into the ground, covers the hole with dirt, spits on the ground, takes a stick and marks something there. She races past the mayor, practically tripping over his feet, as the music plays on. sara enters the apartment through the door. the door Slam! roy peoples continues standing inside a metal tub with his back to the audience. sara stoops over a plastic bucket, mixing a spiritual bath with her hands. sara: I said you gotta stand still, Roy! Damn. You moving around like a three year old! Focus. You should be praying while I get this ready. Get your intentions right. roy: What you gonna do, Sara? sara: Man, you gonna let me do what you asked for or you gonna ask me questions? You need to just be thankful my mother passed these old secrets on to me before she died, and stop interrupting me. roy: Alright! Damn. Just do it. sara: I am gonna do it, if you just let me concentrate on what I’m doing right here. You gonna mess me up, and make me put some energy into this that ain’t gonna help you. roy: Hurry up! sara: Okay. Let me see. When we finish, I’m gonna lick you right there. roy: Stop playing! sara: Okay. Naw, baby. Hold still. If you keep turning around and looking at me, I’m gonna send you back the way you came here. Awww, damn, Roy. Take off your boots! roy takes his boots off inside the metal basin and drops them outside of the basin on the floor. sara: Our eternal mother, your power is great and good. May you bless me with your love and strength. Let it work through my body and make my efforts true as I intend. May you bless this holy water, and the plants I put in it. roy: What did you put in the water, Sara? BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE the mayor: Don’t go tellin’ me what to do when you the one under all these lights