NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 156

sara: Dreams times this body, plus urgent truth… the mayor: Cut off notices for cell phone, electricity, gas. You got yo flashlight? You gonna need it. Ball so hard, you need extra batteries… sara: Dreams times this body, minus a sane source for inspiration, divided by taxes, loan sharks, potential death by default… the mayor: Rent’s due, baby. Dance that dance. How many sips of rum does it take to make believe you in Paris? sara is at the tree, digging in the ground. sara: Damn. Why’d I have to bury it so deep? the mayor: Get y’all asses in line for the party peoples. sara: I’m gonna break every nail I got digging this outta here. the mayor: It’s the funk of 40,000 years… sara: There. I got it. Dreams plus faith, times plenty honey and memories of all the roads my folk walked to get me over… sara holds a mason jar up to the moon light the mayor: A lineage of people, moving through door ways. Exits. Entrances. Choices. sara: I should equal something. Sacrificed plenty — romance, babies, my folk’s dreams about who I could be, despite folk’s judgment of the very same (a beat) me. sara opens the jar, dips a finger inside, and tastes the contents of the jar on her finger. sara: It’s almost totally crystalized. the mayor: But she’s going to hell, or so she thinks, based on her training and history. It’s hell. That’s where all the real niggas go. Where it’s hot is where we cool. Real cool. sara: This dream is so sweet. Just a little more moon light, and in one more month, I can take all my prayers with me and go. There’s dreams inside broke pockets, dreams inside no heat. 154 sara pulls an envelope out of her pocket, kisses it, and reads the letter to herself, quietly. the mayor: Sara, under the moon light with all her dreams, y’all. sara: I’m gonna study Ms. Legendare’s dance, her technique. I been knowing this is what I had to have for so long. And she sent this letter to me. She signed it, and sent this to me, saying I can come and learn from her in New York! I’m gonna dance how she danced the first time I saw her on mama’s tv… ms. legendare appears on screen, as she would on a black and white television. ms. legendare dances a furious, sensual, rule breaking, convention shaking dance. sara dances with her jar of prayers and dreams, imitating ms. legendare’s dance. When ms. legendare’s dance is finished, she coyly blows a kiss at her audience. sound: Applause, whistles, joyful screams of appreciation. sara catches her kiss from below. sara kisses the letter, returns it to its envelope, kisses it again, and puts it inside her jar.