NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 155

Scene 1 the woman in yellow gathers water at the anacostia river with a candle. She places water in mason jar and candle at the center of the circle. the mayor draws the Kongo Cosmogram (four corners in a circle on the floor) with white chalk. all characters enter, forming a ring shout, moving counter clockwise, creating rhythm with feet, hands on thighs and clapping in the circle. sara is the last to enter the ring shout. the pocket roll call always plays with the mayor. the mayor: (singing) There was once a sweet thing ‘Bout 12 years old She was always smiling Thought the world was gold sara dances, embodying the lyrics of the mayor’s song and story. the mayor: (singing) She liked to eat sour pickles Ride the bus ‘round town Saying… sara: Hey! the mayor: (singing) …to strange folk And dancing all around Now when she went to school Her mama made her lunch She gave it all away, though Even her fruit punch Some say she’s too sweet Say she’s too kind Some say she’s dancing A way that makes her blind Young girl, young girl Young girl, young girl Young girl, young girl ‘Bout to see the world! sara exits, dancing. lights up to reveal the apartment. the mayor riffs with the the pocket roll call, and then notices the audience. the mayor: Hey, look at y’all! You looking so fine and clean. Do I know, y’all? I am the Mayor, duly elected, ordained, and elevated to funk by the city itself. I order, interpret, regulate and coordinate the discord and chaos of this here City. screen images of cities all over the world are projected onto the screen in a sharp rhythm. sara is running through the house, ducking behind audience members, as if she is on the lam. the mayor: See, all y’all is a city. But this City, Sara Josephine James, she elected me Mayor, ‘cause I got the funk that pumps in her blood stream. She need that boom bap and high hat. Check her out … I know all her bidness! Defaulted student loans totaling $300,000! sara ducks from her problems as if each one is a large object falling from the sky. the mayor: Damn! And it ain’t cost the folk who got her here nothing but some belly bumpin’ to make her?! What’s your credit score, baby? What’s you