NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 13

When her child first arrived She understood the contrarian view She buried shells in the sand Each with a name tucked inside Tekla found his love in an open market Fumes and fabrics tangled together He felt an elastic vibration Knew his steps would forever change She could not yet see the day Knew that something familiar stood before her She borrowed a face from the woman next door And descended the steps He was made angry By the wicked words Of those who did not see the gathering A bouquet of bodies standing demure Leaning into silent change She thumbed the rough of a bottle cap And thought of drought Could not shake the image of blood pooling on sand Opened her eyes to the shimmering city There is more to this Than a friendly mask A dictator swallows the clouds for shade And the people are left beneath the sun As fire rages in their spines 11 Isis knew this was the time Armed with a voice and body She raised her arms to the sky And swallowed her saliva How do you disappear fear? Quelled by a misremembering Shorn by time’s scissors Made hot by the starry night BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE If every day he had to say again That change will not come without struggle If every moment someone called his bluff He knew he’d never become one of them