NYU Black Renaissance Noire Winter 2014 - Page 11

Isis searched and searched for reciprocity Dreamed it’d been attained before Committed to her memory Assured it was hers to find Darkness an outlet Light a small shadow When a walk of ire becomes what is known A mask fractured by cold independence Boldness is the sole remedy This new language, strangely palatal Every word a rendition Unmistaken like the scent of sea Permeating her skin This is a crucial thing That one cannot live without the threads of dignity That one cannot live without acceptance That one cannot live without a sun to guide Ekphrasis was her name She was the child of an open song That carried its melody from disparate shores And buried its rhythm in the hot-touch sand 9 Never in a straight line Isis continued to wander into night Crossing from one field to the next Making her way to the outer edge When the fruit of the tree falls to earth Something is there to meet it Darkened by the shade above It follows its own path downward BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE The skylark trills into morning light And they know this sound can bring them back They know this call will follow them Sparse like a calling, by its own accord Flushed at the intersection of turquoise Birds dive into a fresh-cut horizon Her throat swells with clouds of salt Was this the way his ancestors lived? Memory entombed within Geography was never the exemption