NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 3 - Fall 2018 - Page 92

By Michael Castro BLAKE’S COTTAGE, FELPHAM AN AMERICAN ADAM his righteous eyes were steel y hated Lois who wanted her super man. he let her lust lest she reveal him — wasted Lois lay like the land a lamb bleating be came shrill & chill a sky scraper blank windows eyes & gray hat frown. Clark kept Clark kept order to blast scum from the face of the world, his world, Metro- polis, the daily planet full of Lo is suspicions Why Clark is never in touch is never never around? So to prove he was real ly super man to who ever he be came faster than a speeding bullet a freak out more powerful than his loco motive — to fly, oh, to fly o’er the daily planet Superman. Stupor man Stupid man. found (to be) dead. Well preserved bungalow, thick thatched roof. Occupied, closed to public. Plaque beside door: Former home of William Blake: Poet, Painter, Mystic We meditate on it. I sketch it in journal. Jerusalem — written here. Forces of Urizen still in charge. Blake’s view of ocean blocked by commercial resort. We invade rich man’s private beach. Steal sun, sand, sea. the actor. the frigid child. Great Caesar’s ghost says Perry White. smashed dream/ skull splattered pavement gray & un impressed the night George jumped the inevitable building no more Clark Kent changing in the phone booth jobless a falling icon a man be come super fluous, the cold will moved to try in single (bound) way a to fly Strong George R. sturdy man actor playing Super man Clark Kent mild mannered man doing bad time anyplace in outer space beat his meat changing in the phone booth a quest for truth just ice the American Way out of kil ter as his mind was his mind poetry