NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 3 - Fall 2018 - Page 114

For Jorge Brandon —“El Coco Que Habla,” 1902-1995 Before the Beginning of Time When you could rhyme Sublime with Sublime Because Because was a gag In the mouth, a laughing flag In the Land Where the Coconuts Talked Where to move was to dance was to walk Where sing would answer seek There Jorge stayed up all week To catalog the Beginning of the Scene That was the Neverending Dream “Nevermore!” he cackled to Poe “Wheelbarrows!” to Williams he’d flow And the Sun’s horizon was rising and falling In oceanic frenzy and crawling Sandy beaches were deserts becoming Birds of No Feather were buzzily humming He enumerated the words The syllables became birds Off he flew to the Promised Land Borincua grew a palm in his hand His vision was his voice Your ears had to rejoice He’d wickedly splinter the meaning of center Into atoms of busted dust and rust and trust Padre Jorge the Master of Sound The creation of sidewalks the streets surround The conductor of trains to reality’s brains The wheelchair of dictionary aeroplanes This quivering quaver Piraguero’s flavor.... A friend of mines interviewed Stopped late at Jorge’s stoop The world was Jorge’s stoop Life was Jorge’s loop He circled the block many times His cries would always rhyme The patron Saint of the Barrio The Oldest New Age Jibaro We cry now on your bier We thought you would always be here Your poems are spread over Loisaida Miky Bimbo beside beside The poems don’t stop Jorge You did not die yesterday Roberto Clemente hits home runs Jorge Brandon the World’s Greatest Poem Wherever I go you have been I see you there always again