NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 88

Memory does not stop No price too high Pockets full of lost opportunities If your life doesn’t fit into a lifetime write a premature will you come to fix your accounts with the suicidal calm of one who has a pact of honor with his executioner with the frost of time hands tattooed blank the jotter where you wrote everything down hardened the heart exposed to the elements and you know that going back to everything that was is impossible that now the rain is cloaked in ashes organize the kisses that you wasted and go back along the line that leads to what is honorable about routine seek the chest where almost everything fits and leave it behind in its meager abundance and may the life on the screen always be the life in the movie seat that awaits you. and that the staff long ago welcomed is nowadays but a stick to shoo away the cats nurtured in your guts king of the pittance and master of wasted efforts