NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 138

visual arts Deanna Sirlin r q My art revolves around the language of painting, abstraction, gesture, and color in the contexts of the times and places where the works were made, contexts that inevitably influence my choices. Through my varied and diverse approaches to making art — painting, installation, public art, writing, and other projects — I participate in two ongoing dialogues. The first and more immediate dialogue is with the viewer, when I place my images in their field of perception. I also feel myself to be part of an historical continuum of artists who make paintings. This dialogue with the tradition of painting extends from the past and goes on to the future. I have long sought to present my work in both traditi ۘ[[ۋ]Y][ۘ[[Y\ˈ^Hܚ[HY[ۈBY] [\[ۈY\][ۈZ\܈[H[Z[\[\[]\][\[[\Y\ˈHܚZ\›ۈ\[\ܛ\\HY\Y\[]\[]YY[\]H[[[ۂو][HY]\[\H]\]YX\X]]Z[[X^BH[\H][H[ H[[Y[وZ[[ۈXB\[[]HYY\[YYXH\H\\K\K[܋\\H\H[]XB\HYY]HHوH\\[^\][H[Z]YHBY]\^Hܚ\Y[YH\›وZ[]\H]XY]܋Y[\X[ۈ[۝[Z[][ۂ]Y[H\[HZ[[B\[H[Y\\ۙH]\›X]\\Y[XYۈY[]Y\˜[[[][ۜ]Y[[[[ۙš][[Y[][Y\H[H\Bو\ [XZ[ˈ]K M“Z^YYYXHYBLx'HH x'B[^\ M“Z^YYYXHYBLx'HH x'