NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 118

skin first decide contemplating praise tears delicate tissue ridicule slap torn respond automatic walk now differ fly mystic ecstatic comet falcon effect toes on edge pinkness tinged with brown who would not think capable tickled look most painful shame supposed be by yourself not going laugh the gun cold expression like human some body believes self each leather shoes black belt shining pewter cuckold bronze age arouse tinder deepen any other simple supposed solely suppository story God kills object child virus submit entrails open hide sense bound official performance walked all night up to alcohol awoke sky highway entered blue midnight pteranodon run crimson front porch perched shell pearl excrescence boy you &\HۛHZYYY^Y\[[Y]X[YۈX\[[YYY]H]^H[YHX[B]^H]^HH܂Y[Y[˜]^HZHXH[[[Z[[&]X\\ܙY[[\XZ[H]^H\X]ۈ\H[\B\YH\[[YB[[YZ[[H\Hܛ\\]X\YXۚ][H[Z][BX[[YX]]ۈYX[ۈ[][\\HZ\H[H^[Y[X\[XYB[Y]\][\Yݙ\X[BX[\[\™ܙHX\XY[[X[^BܙHXY[\[˜XYYXܛ^Y\™Yܝ\\\ۂ[[B[ݙYݙ\ݙB[\HXH[YX]]HX\ۂ۝[[\]\[[[œ]\]\]B\B\H\\B\H[YB[^Z[[\B^Y\YXH[\B\]X[\[H[\]Bܛ[\Hݙ\[H]B[\Y\]ۈ[Hۛ[ݙ\Y[H]\\[›ݙ\x&\YH\X\Bܙ8&\\HX[\؝Z[[XB^H[Y]H[\[H[H[Bٝ[\H[\Y[[[YH[\HYHZ[Y]۝[][B]][H\X\^B[YHXYۙ]X\B]ܚ][[][ۂ[[XHY\\Y[ۈ[[8%HHHBۛH[XZ[œX[ۜY\YœZ[Y[ؙBY[HۙYHۙYB\[8&\ MYX\[[\ܛۙ\YY[]•[HPT[XYBYXۚ][H[ۚ][