NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 5

Contents volume 15 issue 1 | spring/summer 2015 4 My Take quincy troupe 44 Poem kamau brathwaite 106 Remembering The Dismembered Continent 6 Flesh and Spirit The Warrior Path: Confessions of a Young Lord felipe luciano 52 Who Killed Her? kalisha buckhanon 64 Poems anthony walton Future Echoes of Africa’s Oldest Written Documents ayi kwei armah 118 Poems henry dumas 72 12 “The NOI, The Mob, and Sonny Liston” Poems manuel orestes nieto ahmed bedjaoui from the forthcoming book The Complete Muhammad Ali ishmael reed 18 Poem iván oñate 20 Poems parneshia jones 126 Sixty Years of Algerian Cinema 76 Interview with Ruby Rumié margaret porter troupe 140 Poems tennessee reed 86 Poems catherine bowman 142 Visual Arts anthony ramos marc chamaillard Walking Down the Night colin channer 102 Caliphate Colonialism — duane niatum Poems kamilah aisha moon 40 African Consciousness in Reggae Music: Some Examples 156 The Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria chinweizu 172 Contributors 3 linton kwesi johnson 150 Poems BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE 28 Photography 94 002-Table-of-Contents.indd 3 3/29/15 12:31 PM