NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 177

“Mr. Reed’s prose style resembles the youthful Ali’s ring style. He is unorthodox, brash, yet controlled.” “A Great Writer” James Baldwin’s deathbed interview conducted by Quincy Troupe New York Times $29.95 PUBLICATION DATE: JUNE 15, 2015 25 B&W photos (many previously unpublished) Available at all good bookstores. Ishmael Reed’s The Complete Muhammad Ali is more than just a includes voices that have been omitted from other books. It charts Ali’s evolution from Black Nationalism to universalism, but does not discount the Nation of Islam and Black Nationalism’s important influence on his intellectual development. 003-Main-Content.indd 175 175 beginning of the 21st. An honest, balanced portrayal of Ali, the book BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE biography — it is a fascinating portrait of the 20th century and the 3/29/15 12:00 PM