NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 174

In my estimation, Oodualand is today the best-organized and most advanced of the three emerging federations of the mnn. Hence they should naturally take the lead if President Jonathan does not. They deserve the honor of leading the others. But whoever bells the cat, whoever kicks off the process of liberation, it is in the self-interest of all the non-Caliphate politicians and citizens to give them militant support so that the dissolution of Lugard’s Nigeria is accomplished before December 31, 2014. [ie. in the 12 months between December 2013 and Dec 2014]. The long-suffering victims of Caliphate Colonialism must now go on the counter-offensive and drive the Caliphate out of Nigeria. We must then seal the border between the Caliphate Shariyaland and the new Secular-democratic Nigeria. If need be we should erect an Iron Curtain or build a Great Wall to keep these jihadist barbarians out of our new Nigeria. The demand for the snc is neither a strategy nor a campaign plan. The task now is to get the secular-democracy forces to see that point, and to get them to realize how and why they have been unable, in half a century, to fight properly and defeat the Caliphate. And also to get them to take the initiative in reshaping Nigeria. Since 1960, the Caliphate forces have held the initiative in Nigerian politics. The non-Caliphate forces cannot hope to win until they gain and keep the initiative. In a political struggle, as in war, gaining and keeping the initiative is crucial. So, they must change their game from one of reacting to Caliphate moves, to that of making the moves that will send the Caliphate reeling out of Nigeria. The Secular-democracy forces have to move from their habitual disorganized defensive resistance, and embark on a determined, well-organized counteroffensive. For that, they must give up their selfdestructive addiction to the idea of Lugard’s one Nigeria. Below is the preamble of the 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia tha B6