NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 172

I therefore submit: The first step towards terminating this Caliphate arrogance and will-todomination is to get rid of our self-enslaving addiction to Lugard’s Nigeria. Please be reminded that there is nothing sacred about this “One Nigeria” that Lugard cobbled together. Lugard is not God! And what was made by Lugard, a human being like us, we can unmake for our own benefit. So, let’s kick out the Caliphate, and exercise our right of self-determination. And the time is now! But how should we proceed with this liberation? A Three-point liberation agenda Here is a simple three-point agenda for the self-liberation of non-Caliphate Nigerians: a)  xcise Shariyaland from Nigeria, E by any means necessary. b) Finish the job by 31 December,  2014, before the bloodbath Buhari has threatened for 2015 Forewarned is forearmed. Only a tree will see a woodcutter approaching with an axe and do nothing to stop him or to escape from him. 1)  ho do not believe in free and W fair elections? 2) Who see you as their slave? 3)  ho insist you must convert to W their religion? 4)  ho insist that nobody from W your part of the country can ever become president except as their stooge? And who will gladly kill you (like they did MKO Abiola), or bomb your people (like they are doing to President Jonathan’s Christian southerners) if you, an ‘autonomous southerner’, do manage and become president? 5)  ho are determined to W exterminate you and your entire ethnic group if you refuse to submit to be enslaved and exploited by them? By the way, even Apartheid South Africa didn’t propose to exterminate 1/7th or 14% of its population in order for the white settlers to continue exploiting the resources of South Africa. This makes the Caliphate worse colonialists than even the whites of Apartheid South Africa! If your humanity, your self-respect, permits you to submit to the humiliation of the Caliphate caste system, then you should work for the retention of the Caliphate’s Shariyaland within Nigeria, and make yourself and your descendants eternal slaves of the Caliphate. But if being enslaved is unacceptable to your humanity and self-respect, then your human duty is to work tirelessly for your liberation from Caliphate colonialism by implementing the three-point agenda. So, if you are an indigene of a non-Shariya state, or a non-Muslim indigene of a Shariya state, and if your self-respect does not allow you to submit to enslavement by the Caliphate, then you are the one to implement the three-point liberation agenda. Of course, those habitual slaves of the Caliphate, the Uncle Toms who do not want to part from their masters, are welcome to vote with their feet and move to Caliphate territory when their masters are kicked out. Life-long “willing tools” of the Caliphate like Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Jeremiah Useni, Paul Unongo, Iyorcha Ayu and their ilk should take note and resettle themselves in Shariyaland so as to enjoy the Calphate misrule to which they seem addicted. That is if the Caliphate will harbor them after the demise of the Caliphate’s project of ruling all of Nigeria. 170 c) Freely and democratically  reconfigure what is left of Nigeria after that. Who should implement this agenda? Are you an indigene of a non-Shariya state? Or a non-Muslim indigene of a Shariya state? Can you voluntarily continue to cohabit Nigeria with these Caliphate colonialists BRN-SPRING-2015.indb 170 3/29/15 11:42 AM