NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 171

If the Eastern Region is allowed by acts of omission or commission to secede from or opt out of Nigeria, then the Western Region and Lagos must also stay out of the Federation…If any region in Nigeria considers itself strong enough to compel us to enter into association with it on its own terms, I would only wish such a region luck. But such luck, I must warn, will, in the long run be no better than that which has attended the doings of all colonial powers down the ages….This much I must say in addition, on this point. We have neither military might nor the overwhelming advantage of numbers here in Western Nigeria and Lagos. But we have justice of a noble and imperishable cause on our side, namely: the right ofa people to unfettered self-determination. http://africanheraldexpress.com/ blog7/2012/10/19/genocideawolowos-speechto-westernleaders-of-thought-on-may-1-1967/ L———————————————— Unfortunately, the configuration of military forces inside Nigeria and of political forces globally in the 1960s prevented Awolowo from achieving self-determination for his people at that time. The military weakness of Western Nigeria and the strong pro-Caliphate disposition of Britain prevented Western Nigerians from actualizing their right of self-determination in 1967. So, a unique opportunity presents itself today for the anti-Caliphate forces to collectively liberate ourselves from Caliphate colonialism. What was desired but impossible in 1967 is possible now in 2013. This is a rare window of opportunity; it would be criminal folly to squander it and suicidal to let it close unused. ————————————————— It is said that “Those in power never give way, and admit defeat only to plot and scheme to regain their lost power and privilege.” [c.l.r. James, The Black Jacobins, New York: Vintage Books, 1989, pp. 127-128] The Caliphate colonialists are no exception to this behavior. If you doubt that, and if you imagine that the Caliphate has lost its appetite for conquest and permanent domination over all of the other Nigerian peoples; and that it can be converted to democracy, then consider this August 2012 boast by a scion of the Caliphate, Usman Faruk, who was the military governor of North-West State during the Yakubu Gowon regime: “North replies Asari: We subdued Yorubas & conquered the Ijaws; We will do it again”, http://africanheraldex press.com/blog7/2012/08/14/northreplies-asari-we-subdued-yorubas-wewill-do