NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 169

The opposition to Caliphate colonialism today After the Caliphate conquered all of Nigeria in 1970 by winning the Civil War, each nationality in Nigeria saw its interest as climbing, at the expense of the others, to a second class position under the Caliphate masters. This was dubbed “the second fiddle mentality” way back in the 1970s. But since the early 1990s, when Anthony Enahoro began the campaign for a sovereign National Conference, many have awakened to the reality that the common interest of the non-Caliphate peoples of Nigeria is to jointly liberate themselves from Caliphate Colonialism. Hence the emergence of self-determination groups like the Oodua People’s Assembly, the Lower Niger Congress (lnc), and the Middle Belt Congress, and their cooperating under the banner of the Movement for a New Nigeria (mnn). ———————————————— BRN-SPRING-2015.indb 167 The current 1999 Constitution of Nigeria has collapsed under the weight of its fradulent orgin having been rejected throughout the country. The 12 contiguous States of the North which have enacted and implemented Sharia since year 2000 in repudiation of the 1999 Constitution, have by that step opted out of the Nigerian Union. The balance of the country are therefore takingsteps in exercise of their right to Self-Determination, to rework the basis of their political future. The prospective Federations are currently working out their respective Constitutions and will take same through Referendum in their respective territories in exercise of their right to Self-Determination as enunciated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007. Each Federation is to decide its own name. MAP #2: The MNN broken map of Nigeria-the emerging federations. Caliphate Colonialism is what all the non-Caliphate nationalities in Nigeria have suffered since 1960; and it is what they need to liberate themselves from, by any means feasible. They have tried for the last two decades to do so by demanding a Sovereign National Conference of the ethnic nationalities (snc-en) to peacefully renegotiate the terms of the British-imposed Nigeria union. As that option has been adamantly resisted by the Caliphate colonialists and blocked by those who manage the Nigerian state apparatus for the Caliphate colonialist overlords, the only other option is to dismember Nigeria and dump its debris on the grave of Lord Lugard, and do so by any means necessary. The Caliphate’s use-and-dump record We should recall the Caliphate’s record of using and dumping non-Caliphate leaders and parties: they used Zik and the ncnc to climb into power in 1959, and then kicked him upstairs into a ceremonial post of Governor-General and then of President. They used Gowon and Awo to win the Civil War and conquer all of Nigeria, and then dumped Gowon and deposed him in 1975, and rigged and judicially maneuvered Awo out of victory in the 1979 election. Also in 1979 they used the npp to climb back firmly into power and then dumped them in 1981. In 1979, they used MKO Abiola from the Southwest and Alex Ekwueme from the Southeast to help get their npn elected. Having consolidated their hold on power, they told Abiola in 1982 that the npn presidential candidacy was not open to him; then they preempted rotation of the Presidency by the Buhari coup, effectively blocking Ekwueme from seeking the presidency in 1987. BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE . . . THE EMERGING FEDERATIONS 167 P art Five: What is to be done? The Caliphate must go! Kick the Caliphate out of Nigeria before Dec 31, 2014, so we can have peace and move forward to true federalism and general prosperity. 3/29/15 11:42 AM