NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 166

(a) The maximal agenda is to Islamize and impose shari’a on all of Nigeria. In December 2011, Boko Haram issued a bulletin in which it restated its mission as follows: L ———————————————— q30) 164 “We want to re-emphasize that our main objective is the restoration of the Sharia Legal System in line with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. We want the Nigerian Constitution to be abrogated and Democracy suspended and a full-fledged Islamic State established. We want to emphasize that trouble started in this part of the world when the white men came, colonised our land, chased away the Emirs and righteous leaders and then replaced the system with Western Legislative, Judicial and Executive procedures. They also changed our pattern of learning and upbringing to the detriment of moral teachings; that was exactly what prompted the establishment of our organization.” — (Daily Sun, December 19, 2011) L———————————————— BRN-SPRING-2015.indb 164 Emir’s bodyguard, mosque aide hurt in suicide attack in Potiskum http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/08/ emirs-bodyguard-mosque-aid-hurt-insuicide-attack-in-potiskum/ On August 3, 2012 · In News (Accessed October 2012) Boko Haram’s Dangerous Expansion into Northwest Nigeria http://www.ctc.usma.edu/posts/bokoharams-dangerous-expansion-intonorthwest-nigeria (Accessed October 2012) This minimal agenda was, in part, articulated by Abu Zaid as follows: L What does Boko Haram want? There are two versions of Boko Haram’s objective: a maximal as well as a minimal agenda. (b) The minimal agenda is to consummate Shariyaland’s secession and enforce shari’a totally in the 12 states that make up Shariyaland, and overthrow the sarkuna (The Sultan and Emirs and feudal ruling class of the Caliphate) and replace them with new rulers who will enforce Shari’a more strictly than the Sultan and his emirs, who the Boko Haram consider insufficiently Islamized and Arabized. That is why Boko Haram has begun attacking Emirs, as in Potiskum, and sent threats to and made attacks on Sokoto, the capital of the Caliphate: ———————————————— q31) ‘It is mandatory for Islam to have a sovereign land where Sharia is being practiced in the strict sense so that the dialogue will be between the Islamic country and the country of the unbelievers’ — Abu Zaid, Boko Haram spokesman, while rejecting dialogue with government (Sunday Life, 26 June 2011, p. 25.) This means that Shariyaland, the Caliphate territory, should become a sovereign country and its dialogue, if any, will then be with a Secular Democratic Nigeria from which it has formally seceded. The rest of the minimal agenda, the part against the Sultan and emirs, is contained within Abu Qaqa’s statement of their maximal agenda that we shall now examine. To see the maximal agenda of Boko Haram — what they will do if they are not stopped from carrying their war beyond Shariyaland territory, and if they win — consider this report from October 2011: L warrior against Goliath; but a Jonathan is not a David. Besides, only a fool defends himself in a war by relying only on good luck. The Christian clergy in Nigeria have an obligation to lead a Crusade against the Caliphate Jihadists, as European history has shown that a military Crusade is the only correct answer to a Jihad. ———————————————— q32) Boko Haram to FG “Total Shari’a in Nigeria or no Peace” …Says Qur’an is Above Nigerian Constitution Written by Alaba Johnson (Reporter for NaijaPundit) on 03 October 2011. http://www.naijapundit.com/ news/boko-haram-to-fg-totalshari-a-in-nigeria-orno-peace (Accessed October 2012) The militant Islamic group, Boko Haram, which has been responsible for much of the insecurity in Nigeria due to its spate of bombings and attacks on security forces has sent an email to major news outlets signed by its spokesman, Abu Qaqa, to say that there will be no peace in Nigeria until there is a total implementation of Shari’a law in Nigeria. L———————————————— 3/29/15 11:42 AM