NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 165

Non-Caliphate Nigerians need to figure out the dynamics of Nigerian history and decide whether they want to be enslaved forever by the Caliphate. And if they find that prospect unacceptable, they must go into war mode and defeat, once and for all, the Caliphate colonialists who have been fooling, dividing and subduing them since 1960 in accordance with Sir Ahmadu Bello’s injunction that Nigeria should become an estate of Dan Fodio’s descendants. [see q1 at start of this essay] BRN-SPRING-2015.indb 163 The first skirmish in this unacknowledged civil war took place way back on February 21, 2000, the day the Shariya Jihadists began resorting to mob violence in Kaduna, in their follow-up to the adoption of Shariya by the Arewa (Far North) states which had thereby repudiated the secular democracy constitution of Nigeria. By adopting shariya as their constitution, they committed de jure secession from Nigeria. As nothing was done about it, they became emboldened. Using Boko Haram, they have unleashed a war on Nigeria with two alternative objectives: to impose their shariya on all of Nigeria if they win; or to consummate their secession, if they lose. But though the Caliphate and its jihadist agents have known all along that they were unleashing war on Nigeria, the leaders of Non-Caliphate Nigerians, their intended victims, have had no clue about the nature of what has been happening since 1960. Which suits the Caliphate jihadists just fine. For they have been free to pummel their blind and confused opponent to the brink of defeat where he is tottering today. Non-Caliphate Nigerians in general, and President Jonathan in particular, have not recognized that what is going on now is a civil war. Which is why President Jonathan has been approaching Boko Haram as an internal security matter rather than as a political problem requiring radical political surgery: excising Shariyaland from Nigeria, Orkar style; which is why President Jonathan has been replaying Ironsi, and trying to appease the unappeasable enemy; and which is why non-Caliphate Nigerians are not clamoring for general mobilization against the Caliphate and its Boko Haram agents; which is why the Churches, despite the Government’s clear inability to protect them, are passive about the bombing and massacres of their people, and are turning the other cheek and pleading for “peace”, instead of reviving the ancient tradition and spirit of the Church militant, like when Bishop Adhémar of Monteil, organized and led European volunteers to fight the jihadists of his day in the First Crusade. Since it is clear that the Federal government cannot guarantee their security, Nigeria’s Christians can’t continue to look to President Jonathan to protect them; they need to take responsibility for their own security, on the understanding that David was a BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE Since Boko Haram began, Nigeria has effectively been in an unacknowledged and one-sided civil war between Shariya advocates and Democracy adherents; this may alternatively, and more instructively, be described as a one-sided civil war between the organized Caliphate /acf/Sahriyaland/ Boko Haram on the one side vs. on the other side, the unorganized Non-Caliphate/Secularist/Democratic Nigerians; i.e. between a feudal-theocracy faction and a secular-democracy faction within Nigerian society. The sooner this is recognized by the confused and unorganized Non-Caliphate/ Democracy side, the better for them. For until they understand that what is going on is a civil war they cannot put up a proper fight, and fight to win. Until they understand their Caliphate enemy, they cannot figure out how to fight them. And that has been the agenda, down to this day, of the Caliphate and its political leaders (Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Shehu Shagari, Umaru Yar’Adua, Maitama Sule, Lawal Kaita, etc. since 1960) and of its military agents (Yakubu Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Murtala Mohammed, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida [ibb], Sani Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Aliyu Gusau, Abdulrahman Bello Danbazzau, Col. Sambo Dasuki, etc. since 1966). And that is the agenda of Boko Haram, the terrorist outfit that the Caliphate and its Arewa Consultative Forum (acf ) sponsored when they lost control of the Nigerian government and armed forces in 1999). And that is the agenda for which Buhari insists on being crowned as president in 2015, whether or not Nigerians actually vote for him, or else…he and the Caliphate terrorists will unleash a bloodbath on the country. 163 P art Four Boko Haram terrorism: The feudal-theocracy vs. secular-democracy civil war 3/29/15 11:42 AM