NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 103

VII “Name’s Al. A dental student soon to graduate. Ever had elephant ears?” “Never. I’m Zock.” “You will tomorrow, Zock. And see a doctor first chance you get. The blood’s coagulated, but you’ve got nasty cuts on both ears and other parts of your face. They’ll want to examine you and take x-rays. Try cold packs on those eyes as soon as you get home. It might keep the left from closing completely. It’s anybody’s guess about the other.” Zock stood before the mirror and saw a reflection of ugliness that nearly made him barf. He would rather see Shona standing behind him, watching him shave. He spoke to the mirror as much as to himself, “What am I doing in this House of Fists?” Pausing, he breathed deeply into the mirror of a dozen paths, and said point blank to the creature staring as if prying into his soul. “I wonder where the clown is now?” n “Right. Thanks for helping. I’m alone here.” “Don’t mention it. What was it about? You’re rather slim to be getting puffy.” “Well then, doctor, where in the hell were you?” “Take it easy. I know he was twice your size. One of his buddies said he was a tackle for the Huskies. I couldn’t have handled him, even if I would’ve had the time. The mad bull must have done his damage in a minute’s time.” 101 “Why don’t you forget it, Zock. The party’s over anyway. The fight turned it flat; everyone scattered out the door like hens from a fox in the coop.” BLACK RENAISSANCE NOIRE “That’s ok, Al. I’m writing this in my journal as a definite learning experience. Now that my head’s back on my shoulders, we can rejoin the party. I need a drink.” BRN-SPRING-2015.indb 101 3/29/15 11:42 AM