NYU Black Renaissance Noire Spring 2015 - Page 101

“Not to raise the shade of anxiety, but how’d you like to drift as my partner for half a moon and on into dawn? “Hello, again. Mind if I sit down and join you?” “I said it’d be great if we could sit here and talk and laugh and dance without feeling guilty or embarrassed or fearful.” “No.” “By the way, my name’s Zock. May I know yours?” “Shona. Shona’s my name.” “Hey, that’s lovely. Has the beginning of a song in it.” “Thank you.” “Cigarette?” “What kind are they?” “What’d you say?” “That’s what I thought you said. But before we go on, may I ask where you’re coming from?” “I’m not on acid or drunk if that’s on your mind. And to be perfectly frank, Shona, that’s a loaded question. But don’t worry. I didn’t mean anything. I’m a puppy at heart. Just making conversation. After all, you’re a good looking woman. Say, what happened to the music? I’m dying to dance until dawn. How about you? Like to shake a leg?” “Pall Malls.” “Love to. But maybe later. I think someone’s decided to change the records. “Ok. Thanks.” “Are you in school, Shona?” “Any idea whose party this is?” Hope that guy doesn’t get bogus…could ruin my chances of getting to know Shona. They’re crazy to be ignoring her. Steady. She sees I’m uptight; must have seen me glanc