NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 94

Just as I doubt that Hubert Humphrey would have authorized the assassinations of members of the Black Panther Party or unleashed a Huston plan on the left , as Nixon did , I doubt that Hillary Clinton , despite her flaws about which I have written , would expel millions of Hispanics and their children from the country , condemn women to back alley abortions , or turn back the drive for full emancipation that has been the goal of The Movement , since before the ships embarked from Africa . Just as Humphrey , if he had been elected , would not have stoked the Southern strategy begun by Eisenhower , I doubt whether Clinton would assign blame to the victims of police shootings for their own murder .
White progressives have the luxury of sitting it out , because Trump ’ s policies won ’ t affect them as much as they will affect Blacks , Hispanics , Muslims , Jews , lgbtq-ers , and Native Americans , who are the typical victims of police shootings . Eric Liu , author of a Chinaman ’ s Chance , says that Trump ’ s China-baiting is jeopardizing the safety of Chinese Americans . ( A Chinaman ’ s Chance : One Family ’ s Journey and the Chinese American Dream by Eric Liu ).
If things get rough , progressives can always melt into political anonymity . They can even turn . Left-winger Max Eastman , who supported Claude McKay , ended his career writing for the right-wing The National Review . Notice how some progressives like Salon ’ s Joan Walsh warmed up to Rand Paul , who ’ d hired a crackpot called The Southern Avenger ? Paul also hangs out with people who believe that John Wilkes Booth was a hero . The former left-wing Trotskyites that supported James Baldwin became Neo-Cons and spent a lot of grant money going after unwed Black teenagers , when Theodore Solotaroff revealed that the ringleaders in this effort , Midge Decter and Norman Podhoretz , were 1950s swingers . One of them , Irving Kristol , announced one day to Alfred Kazin that he was going right . He became a consultant to the Bradley Foundation , which sponsored the odious Neo-Nazi book , The Bell Curve . Contrast the attitudes of the former Baldwin supporters with that of Hubert Humphrey , who said that if he lived in a Black ghetto , “ He might lead a pretty good revolt .” George Wallace always brought up h . h .’ s comment at rallies .
Yes , I voted for Bernie Sanders in the California primary because the Sanders ’ s crusade represents the biggest challenge since the 1930s to the conscienceless profit-maximizers . 6 In the 1930s , fdr had to co-opt the socialist programs of Mussolini to save his class and create a kind of socialism for Whites , but in the end , I will vote for the Democratic nominee . n
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6 My poetry students are surprised when they learn that Carl Sandburg was called a Democratic Socialist . They believed that the idea begins with Sanders . They must have listened to historians like Jon Meacham , whose idea of a populist revolt is Shay ’ s Rebellion , ignoring — like most official establishment TV historians — over one hundred years of labor history including the southern Black and White labor alliance of the 1880s that was crushed by Jim Crow laws .
Ishmael Reed is the author of The Complete Muhammad Ali .