NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 93

That ’ s why the presidential race was tight for so long . It ’ s because the media gave the depraved and vile Trump ’ s carnival act billions of dollars of free publicity . The kind of soft questioning of Trump , during a press conference where Latino reporters were insulted by Trump , was typical . Like the autocrat that he is , Trump barred The Washington Post and on July 27 , 2016 , told a woman reporter from msnbc to “ be quiet .” Yet , progressives — including some Black ones who , as a result of the Jim Crow media , get media exposure even though they are out on the desert island of Black mainstream opinion — are not disturbed by the fact that their boycotting the election or casting a vote for a third party might elect a man who believes that the powers traditionally held by the three branches of government accrue to him . A dictator .
Despite this , at least half of the Black pundits who have been selected by cnn and msnbc to cover Black opinion are feeling the Burn and feeling the Green or vowing to sit out this election . Meanwhile , Trump , Jr ., a nasty piece of work , sneaked down to Mississippi to support the Confederate flag . In Western Journalism on July 29 , [ 2016 ], Jack Davis reported :
“ Donald Trump Jr . soaked in the traditions at Mississippi ’ s 127th Neshoba County Fair on Tuesday , and took his stand on one of them — the Confederate flag . Trump was asked about the controversy at the Democratic National Convention in which the flag of Mississippi was taken down because the presence of the Confederate Flag within
the state flag offended some delegates . ‘ I believe in traditions . I don ’ t see a lot of the nonsense that ’ s created with these things ,’ he responded . ‘ So , you know , those are issues and I understand how people feel about some of that , but leaving some of the traditions the way they are in this country , there ’ s nothing wrong with some tradition .’”
Nothing epitomizes the political narcissism of some progressives more than Julian Assange ’ s comment about why he , in cooperation with Trump ’ s business partner , [ Vladimir ] Putin , released emails on the eve of the Democratic National Convention causing such disarray that Black women had to rescue the convention and the party .
When asked whether this would help Trump , Assange said that Trump was “ unpredictable .” 4 Unpredictable ? A man who said that he would have left up the Star of David in a tweet that was re-tweeted from a Nazi site ? Unpredictable ? A man who on July 27 , 2016 , said that the Black prosecutor who charged the police involved in the murder of Freddie Gray should be prosecuted ? Unpredictable ? Trump , who said that a judge involved in a case about one of Trump ’ s rackets , was biased because of the judge ’ s Mexican heritage . He may be unpredictable to Assange , but he ain ’ t unpredictable to the rest of us .
I ’ m old enough to remember watching Edward R . Murrow ’ s cool dismantling of Joe McCarthy , Trump ’ s political ancestor . Joe McCarthy was a demagogue who destroyed many careers using innuendo . But Murrow took the motherfucker apart ! He halted McCarthy ’ s crusade , and Eisenhower finished him off when he dared cast General George Marshall , Eisenhower ’ s mentor , as a communist . Murrow ’ s kind of journalism has been taken over by male and female Barbies , Himbos and Bimbos , who are there because they look pretty to somebody .
Bernie supporters say that they will stay home , because Bernie was not nominated . Déja vu . Progressives stayed home and got Nixon elected because they were opposed to Hubert Humphrey , the Democratic nominee in 1968 . Nevertheless , Humphrey came within one percent of defeating Nixon . 5 They voted for Ralph Nader , which threw the election to Bush . After losing to Hillary Clinton in the primary , some have vowed to vote Green Party or for the Libertarian Party , which could , in a tight race , throw the election to Donald Trump . Progressives have the luxury of being indifferent toward the fate of Blacks , Hispanics and Muslims under a Trump administration . Trump is a candidate who has high approval from Neo-Nazis and the Klan , whose support he rebuffs , weakly . With a wink and a nod .