NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 92

Many White supporters of Bernie Sanders also come down on the side of class , as the factor that holds millions of Americans Blacks and Whites back . All of the evidence I have examined , including what I ’ ve witnessed living in the inner city for over thirty years and growing up in the projects , convince me that both government and the private sectors were just about founded to enhance the assets of White males . Yet , they ’ re angry ? Though the media baby them and make excuses for their supporting a deranged nominee , the root of their anger stems from their hatred of a Black male president who has shattered a number of their cherished stereotypes . This is what cements the Trump coalition ( 72 % of Republicans believe that President Obama was not born in the United States !). Mentioning the racism of some Whites is bad for network business , and so the pundits and reporters make excuses for the haters who adore Trump . The typical excuse is that Trump ’ s followers are angry about the economy . Statistics show that Whites are doing much better economically than Blacks and Hispanics , yet both groups are [ more ] optimistic about the future . 3
Even though Black people who attend Trump rallies are beaten up and called “ monkeys ” and “ niggers ,” and Jewish critics of Trump are assaulted with anti-Semitic hate mail from Trump ’ s followers , the Black and Jewish pundits go along with the memo coming down from the six families that own most broadcast and print media . Trump supporter Michael Steele ’ s dignity has been flushed down the toilet . The memo dictates a “ go soft ” attitude toward Trump , because he is good for ratings , and his every incident of braying brings dollars . It was Dan Rather , who called the relationship between Trump and the media “ a business relationship .” That ’ s an understatement . According to Politico , February 2016 , cbs Chairman Les Moonves , speaking of Trump ’ s candidacy said , “ It may not be good for America , but it ’ s damn good for cbs .” He said , “ Most of the ads are not about issues . They ’ re sort of like the debates ,” then noting , “[ there ’ s ] a lot of money in the marketplace .” When Trump exposed himself in August 2016 as a member of the lunatic fringe — when he called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton — those media that had been holding a love fest for Trump tried to back away , but they didn ’ t distance themselves enough .
The complaint by cnn legal commentator Lisa Bloom that Donald Trump has committed sexual harassment and sexual assault “ a number of times ” has been ignored . A single charge of sexual harassment made against Herman Cain ended his campaign , and Clarence Thomas — no matter what one might think of his legal positions — will be the butt of jokes for the rest of his life . Moreover , when interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now on July 7 , 2016 , four leading white anchormen : Chris Matthews , Jake Tapper , Shepard Smith , and Willie Geist refused to condemn Roger Ailes against whom some women at Fox News , including Megyn Kelly , have alleged has sexually accosted them . These men either praised Ailes , one of the architects of the notorious Willie Horton ad campaign that featured a black rapist that was used to defeat Michael Dukakis , or they refused to take a stand . Yet , these and other White male commentators , pundits and reporters ( like Willie Geist , who did a feature on Tiger Wood ’ s consensual relationships with women ) never miss a chance to pounce on the alleged sexual aggression against women made by Black male celebrities . They and their faux feminist surrogates who inoculate powerful white anchormen from the charges of sexual aggression , endlessly loop charges against alleged Black male predators , even when these charges are raised not by a court of law but by a mediocre comedian . Many of those — whom I refer to as Bimbos and Himbos , not true journalists — are in the tank for Trump , whom they see as the leader of The White Alpha Male Restoration , after the insolent Black Man Obama bested them on every front .