NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 83

“ Yes !” he exclaimed . “ Stevie Wonder … now there is a man who , though he is blind , sees the truth . That ’ s why he wrote the song that goes , “ You are the sunshine of my life … that ’ s why I always want to stay around you ,” or something to that effect . The man is brilliant , because the Earth is in fact in love with the Sun . That is why it revolves around that particular heavenly being 24-7 .”
I sat gaping at him . He ’ d had me going there for a while , but now he had overstepped . “ But there ’ s no such song by Stevie Wonder ,” I shot back . He seemed jarred by my assertion , and his face registered something close to shock . I didn ’ t want to embarrass him any further , so I decided to give him an out . “ Maybe you ’ re thinking of a different artist . I know all of Stevie ’ s music , and he has never written a song like that .”
WW looked across at me and smiled . “ He will ,” he said quietly .
It was November 1970 when Woodrow Winston , and I had that conversation . Meanwhile Stevie Wonder would not wrest creative control over his own music from Motown until 1972 , when he composed and performed his two most creative albums to date : Music of My Mind and Talking Book . It was the latter album that contained the hit single , “ You Are the Sunshine of My Life .” On an eerie note , Stevie was involved in a near fatal accident in August 1973 from which he sustained a critical brain injury . Taken to a hospital in Winston-Salem , nc , the singer showed no signs of awaking from his coma until a friend began singing the lyrics of the song , “ Higher Ground .”
Ira Tucker , his friend and publicist , began singing : “ Gonna keep on trying , till I reach my highest ground ,” loudly in Stevie ’ s ear . As the story goes , Stevie began tapping his fingers in time to the beat , alerting everyone that he was still present and conscious . In his first interview two weeks later , Stevie revealed that during the coma , he was catapulted onto a higher spiritual plane where he received knowledge that would lay the foundation for his future musical explorations .
WW had already confided to me that what we call “ the past ” and “ the future ” are merely aspects of the present , as refracted by the prism of the human mind . These fragmented vignettes are then projected by the brain onto the screens of our minds much like a film , which uses flashbacks and flash forwards to augment its storyline . So it follows that all human experience is always happening now . In his comments about Stevie , WW apparently tripped over a wave of astral light and stumbled unwittingly into the future .