NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 82

“ That is why we project ourselves into the role of human characters in this big amphitheater we call Earth . But we get confused , mon , and start thinking the characters we play for fifty , sixty , or seventy years are real . You are not this body , mon ,” he reached across the table to seize my forearm . “ Your spiritual essence incarnate in this body to experience greater love and greater knowledge .
“ Earth is like the back beat , the rhythm section of our solar system , which means you ’ ve got to be able to swing , mon . Even in the thick of trouble and trial , you must be able to hold that note , that vibration . That ’ s why it takes great love and great courage to come into this place where the soul of man experiences so much pain and suffering . It ’ s a true sacrifice for which the whole universe is grateful . And that is another reason why we come — to render service , mon , to help raise the whole of creation to a higher vibration . Our true mission is really to redeem the Earth ,” WW looked into my bewildered face and threw up his hands in frustration .
He fell silent for a moment , his face impassive , as he reached out to me , longing to make a connection . “ It ’ s really simple what I ’ m telling you , mon ,” he said softly , “ but I just can ’ t explain dem things in words . Human language is just too limited . You see , it ’ s not possible to communicate true understanding in words . But blind faith … the pure faith of a child is the pathway to knowledge .
“ Suffice it to say , my friend , that the great entity which is the Earth also has a Purpose and a Destiny . It wants to be brighter , mon ! Yes … it wants to be luminous , to shine forth in Spirit and in Truth . And we , the little lives that dwell in the body of Earth are the instruments through which God works ; so we must play our part in the great work of salvation and redemption . Then the material body of Earth will disappear , and it will become a spiritual or invisible planet , one with the all ,” WW sighed at the apparent inadequacy of his words . “ Mon , just believe that goodness is at the heart of all creation , and you will okay ,” he pleaded . “ Also , know that so-called evil is no more than a dark shadow blocking the light of true knowledge .”
He seemed to be lost in thought for a moment , as he took a sip from his cup . “ Take the movie theaters right here in Guyana ,” he continued . “ People sitting there eating popcorn and bawling their eyes out , because of what they see on the screen . They get confused . Dem people up on the screen look real to them . But we know they are just images projected onto a blank screen . That ’ s what I ’ m trying to tell you , mon . You , me , all these people are just projections , divinely animated holograms . We come here for short periods of time to grow ourselves out . To expand the soul ’ s ability to be a reflector of love and knowledge . We aspire to be heavenly men with heavenly bodies like the ones we look upon with awe in the sky above us . Everybody wants to be a star , my friend . That is why , on a symbolic level , we so-called ordinary human beings are so fascinated with Hollywood “ stars .” They just symbols , mon , shadows of the greater reality , which is hidden from us . As it is , we live and move and have our being in the body of a heavenly entity we call Earth , which is a great and divine life in its own right .”
He looked at me with a grin poking at his lips , as he spoke . “ You know … it ’ s really funny , but also foolish that we human beings see ourselves as alive and intelligent , but we believe that the Earth , Sun , and Moon , without whom we could not live , and from whom we draw all our life energy , are somehow unconscious or dead things . Earth is a living and super-conscious being to a much greater degree than you or I , my friend . The sun itself is a super-conscious being without which all of the myriad life forms that live in earth would be snuffed out in a second . How can a dead thing also be the giver of life ? It naturally follows that all of life , all of creation is one .
“ We come here in this form , propelled by love , to heighten our vibratory rate and , therefore , our sensitivity and ability to expand , hold , and reflect greater love . By projecting ourselves into this sphere of consciousness we call Earth , we sacrifice our divine state again and again to sup at the table of Pain and Pleasure . But we do this so that we can , with greater intensity and radiance , join in the great cosmic celebration of the universe — which is , of course , a love song .
“ Love is just another name for unity or oneness . So the popular musician from your country speaks truth when he says that all of the heavenly bodies in our solar system are in love with each other . What is the name of the blind singer you have there in the u . s .?” he asked .
“ Who …? Ray Charles ? Stevie Wonder ?” I said .