NYU Black Renaissance Noire NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 16.2: Fall 2016 - Page 81

“ Take the word imagination that I spoke about . When you sound it out phonetically , it becomes i-maj-ah-na-shun . You can actually hear the creative process , as it is spoken in the English language . It begins with the root word , image . The remainder of the word is an aural hieroglyphic or sound depicting a release of dynamic energy that represents the act of transforming a visual idea into realization . The First Mover in the creation of the material world is always sound , pure sound , which makes vibration .” He flipped open his tablet and sketched a hieroglyphic-like character linking the word “ image ” to a little tow bar attached to a megaphone blaring sound waves . “ Yes , it is crude , I know , but do you get the idea ?” his eyes flashed as he gazed at me . “ The First Creator or what people call God actually spoke the world into being .
“ All these things around you right now that appear to be so solid to your human eye are merely products of a powerful imagination . It ’ s not solid a ’ tall , as any modern physicist will tell you ; it is in fact mostly space and motion , particle and wave . Matter and energy are one thing , mon . One changes into the other all the time ! Einstein called it relativity . It ’ s only the rate of vibration that makes them appear more or less dense or solid . Why do you think music is so powerful a force in the world ? Inject a man or woman with a song , and they will move mountains , because it represents a higher vibration . By singing — when the song come from the heart of the inner man — it raises up his rate of vibration , which is to say , he becomes a bigger , more powerful being for as long as he can hold true to that particular note . Likewise , anybody who catches the spirit of his song also becomes bigger , stronger , and even fearless for a time .
“ Look at the black people in your own country . During slavery time dem people beaten , arm and leg chop off , and they worked like animals . Dem European people choke them with rope and t ’ ing about their necks till they dead ; they burned like animals offered for sacrifice ; they humiliated and shamed , even murdered sometime for sport . For three hundred or four hundred years this going on . But what they do ? Dem people singing , mon ! The whole time they never stop singing from their souls . And they survive . They overcome their enemies with the power of their song . And they grow big and strong , while all dem other peoples they try to make into slaves — Indian people , Chinese people , even Irish people — they just die by the thousands and millions , mon ! Right here in Guyana the Amerindian people die like flies when the Spanish and Portuguese people try to yoke them .
“ The man who carries a song in his heart owns life . Vibration is the very substance of creation . You and I are made of sound waves , mon . That ’ s why music is so refreshing to us . That ’ s why it revives and rejuvenates us , because it is the very substance we made from . Everything in your life you confronting right now come from the note or vibration you carry — whether it ’ s high or dragging low on the ground . It is our consciousness that shapes our reality ; and your level of consciousness is formed by your vibration . You hear people crying everyday about how bad they punishing ; how they pressed hard , hard by circumstances . Listen : To him that got shall get ; but to him that has not , even that which he has shall be taken from him . It ’ s a hard truth to bear , mon , but we human beings have got to face up to it . Suffering is in large part ignorance ! It is our own doing !”
WW laughed . “ We peoples of Earth are so busy trying to be human that we forget how to be god ! The God whose image we made in . It would be more accurate to call ourselves god-men ! You are not your body , my friend . You are a divine soul , a being of power . You just dreaming , mon . Wake up and everything in your life will change to match up with your heart ’ s desire . But it is only a few people who remember dem things . All these people walking around us right now , they just sleeping , mon . The wake-up call is Knowledge . That ’ s why every day I just record dem things that come to me . But it is a dangerous t ’ ing to wake a man or woman who don ’ t finish their nap , mon !” he said , tongue-in-cheek as his hearty laughter rang out .
“ When you dream , do you really know you dreaming ? No , mon ! You think dem t ’ ings really happening . You sweating and crying , because somebody chasing you . Life on Earth is just a deeper dream . It feels like it ’ s real , but it ’ s not . It ’ s a Shakespearean play , mon , high drama . The actor that play Macbeth or Julius Caesar , what they do when the curtain come down ? Mon , they brush off death like dust and go out to the pub where they order fish and chips and a big , big mug of ale ! They not hurt a ’ tall ! It was only the characters they play who get smash up bad . In a few months or so , they play a different part , different characters entirely . But from each role they take away knowledge from the personalities they take on — and it becomes part of them .”